About us

Hi there! We’re Jen and Dave, and we want to take a moment to warmly welcome you to Anxious Canine. As dog lovers, we entirely understand the toll that an anxious pup takes on a family dynamic, and trust us when we say we’ve been there.

A Little Bit About us

We like to think of ourselves as the average family. We have two young children. We love spending time together, having fun with our kids, and sharing a love of dogs. We both grew up with dogs, and we’ve always felt that a home isn’t quite complete without one.

It wasn’t long after having children that the yearning for a dog began to creep upon us. We wanted to give our kids the incredible experience and responsibility that comes with having a dog.

Childhood dogs teach the meaning of loyalty and companionship, and they leave behind beautiful memories that last a lifetime. That’s where Sky comes in.

A Little Bit About Sky

Sky is our Cocker Spaniel, and at eight weeks old, she was the cutest thing we’d ever seen, other than our children, of course. We brought her home, and from her first day with us, she turned our lives completely upside down.

Sky, a black working cocker spaniel, sitting on the grass.

As a puppy, Sky had severe anxiety, and she made it near impossible for us to function as a family. There was so much that she needed, including constant attention, and we were terrified to leave her alone.

As many of you with anxious dogs know, they can be a danger to themselves when left alone, especially in a crate. We tried various methods and products, and we sought advice from a reputable dog trainer specializing in helping dogs with anxiety.

By applying a combination of the knowledge we acquired on Sky’s road to recovery, today, she is a much calmer, happier dog.

The Evolution of Anxious Canine

From speaking with others during Sky’s journey, we knew that many people were as lost and confused as we were when it came to life with an anxious pup. The knowledge and comfort that we want to offer fellow owners of anxious dogs resulted in Anxious Canine.

Anxious Canine logo showing an illustration of an anxious dod's face. The dog is white with a black patch over it's right eye and ear.

Here you’ll find the best resources, tips, advice, and products that will help you treat your dog’s anxiety naturally, resulting in a peaceful existence free of constantly worrying about your furry friend.

An anxious dog is an unhappy dog. Anxious dogs suffer from fear and worry every day, and so often, owners don’t realize that a solution is right around the corner. We are here to make sure that you don’t give up on them.

Giving Our Dogs What They Deserve

Our pups give us unconditional love and unwavering trust, and we owe them that in return. Living with an anxious dog is one of the most frustrating things on the planet, but it’s incredibly humbling.

Anxious dogs are a reminder that no creature is perfect. We all have our flaws, and every one of us deserves love despite them. Anxious dogs wake up every day and try again, even though life is, at times, excruciating for them.

Anxious dogs ask for help, the only way they know how; by desperately trying to be with the people they love. Instead of showing them our defeat, let’s fight alongside them.

Sky is living, breathing proof that there is peace beyond the shell of an anxious dog. If you have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place.

We have a large selection of articles containing helpful tips and information about dog anxiety as well as other dog-related material for you to read, and make sure you join our community so that you can receive your regular pupdates, and be the first to know when new content has been posted.

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