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Welcome to Anxious Canine, a blog that’s jam-packed with all things related to managing and understanding your anxious dog.

What can you expect to find here at Anxious Canine?

Well, think of it as an ever-growing collection of articles and resources exploring dog anxiety and natural solutions.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Jennifer Smart, but you can call me Jen.

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Let me start by telling you a little about my background: I’ve spent many fantastic years working as a Kennel assistant, where I had the pleasure of meeting countless wonderful dogs, some of which were rescue dogs that we rehabilitated and rehomed. Over the years, I couldn’t help but notice the amount that suffered from different forms of dog anxiety.

I’ve seen it all, from dogs who were scared of their own shadows to those who wouldn’t leave their owner’s side.

This experience ignited my passion for learning more about Dog anxiety. Eventually, it led me to earn diplomas in:

  • Canine Holistic Health & Therapy
  • Understanding Canine Anxiety
  • CBD Oil for Animals
  • Zoopharmacognosy

This led me to become a member of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA), and, ultimately, create Anxious Canine.

Now, let me introduce you to Waffle.

A Little Bit About Waffle

Waffle is our “pre-owned” pug who came to us equipped with a range of extra features, including separation anxiety, noise anxiety, fear of new places, and a phobia of strange objects.

He’s a recent addition to the family, so we’re currently working on his fears, some of which are pretty unusual. Waffle’s actually afraid of going under bridges, so we have to plan our walks very carefully. He once spent ten minutes loudly barking at a moss-covered rock before making a brave but hasty retreat.

My Hero!

Waffle, the white Pug

He’s not just a valuable member of our family, but he’s also been promoted to official product tester here at Anxious Canine. We’re regularly experimenting with new methods and natural remedies to help him cope with his fears, and we’re very keen to share our findings with you.

The good news is he’s already making huge improvements from when we initially took him on.

Anxious Canine logo showing an illustration of an anxious dod's face. The dog is white with a black patch over it's right eye and ear.

The Aim of This Site

As we explore the world of dog anxiety, we aim to provide you with useful insights and helpful advice so you can better understand and control your dog’s fears.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive resources to empower you as a dog owner so that you can make informed decisions to improve your pet’s well-being,

Here’s to creating a happier, less anxious world for our furry friends—one wagging tail at a time.

Jen and Waffle with a blue background

Warmest woofs and tail wags,

 Jen (and Waffle)

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