DOGS NAILS – How to Cut them safely

Dog Nails - dog, head cocked with a yellow background

Most people cut their dogs nails at home, but it can be a nerve-racking task for many. Clipping your dogs nails is not as hard as some may believe; you just need to know the right tools and techniques to get the job done safely. The following article will guide you through how to cut … Read more

How to Get A Neighbors Dog to Stop Barking – Mute That Mutt

A golden retriever is sitting in the grass, unfazed by the neighbors dog barking.

How to get a neighbors dog to stop barking, it’s an annoying issue we all have to deal with from time to time. Are you at your wit’s end because the only sound you can hear is your neighbors dog barking endlessly? Did you know that the average dog bark starts at 60 decibels? That’s … Read more

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