Senior Dog Anxiety: Conquering Behavior Problems in Older dogs

Senior Dog Anxiety

Is your dog acting a little funny in their old age? Perhaps they’re a little more clingy than usual, and maybe your silver-haired furball has started getting anxious when you leave them alone. Why have they suddenly started behaving this way after all these years? This could be a sign of senior dog anxiety, a … Read more

Shaking in Their Paws: Unveiling the Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Anxiety in dogs is a common yet often overlooked issue that can lead to countless challenges for pet owners. As our loyal companions, dogs experience emotions just like we do, and anxiety can manifest through a huge range of mannerisms. These odd behaviors not only affect the quality of life for our furry friends but … Read more

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs – How to Know if Your Dog is Anxious

Signs of Dog Anxiety, dog lying in the grass

Dogs are an integral part of the family, and we all appreciate the special bond we develop with our canine companions. So, as responsible dog owners, it’s incredibly important to recognize when our dogs might be experiencing anxiety. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to identify when our dogs are scared and anxious, as … Read more

Noise Anxiety in Dogs, Dealing with Noise Phobia

noise anxiety in dogs

As caring, responsible pet owners, we always do our best to provide our furry friends with the best possible care. One of the most overlooked aspects of a dog’s well-being is their mental and emotional health, particularly regarding noise anxiety in dogs.  Noise anxiety is a form of anxiety in dogs that is an unbelievably … Read more

Dog Anxiety Solutions, Ways to Calm Anxious Dogs… Fast!

Boarder Collie lying down on the grass - Dog Anxiety Solutions

Anxiety in dogs is a common problem that can seriously impact their overall health and well-being.  This debilitating condition can manifest in many ways, from mild panting and trembling to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture, not to mention incessant barking.   While it’s not always easy to identify what’s causing your dog’s anxiety, you can … Read more

Flying With An Anxious Dog – What To Know Before You Go

Dog with a ticket in his mouth - Flying With An Anxious Dog

Flying with your canine companion can be a daunting prospect, even under the best of circumstances. But when you have an anxious dog who doesn’t do well in unfamiliar situations, it’s even more stressful and difficult for both of you. Taking a dog that suffers from anxiety on a flight can present some unique challenges, … Read more

Can dogs eat raspberries? Benefits & Likely Risks

dog eating raspberries from a basket

Dogs just love food, and they enjoy nothing better than chowing down on whatever you happen to be eating. But what happens if your furry friend is sniffing around your bowl of tasty raspberries? Can dogs eat raspberries? The quick answer is yes, in moderation. Raspberries are packed with nutrients that your dog needs and … Read more

Why Do Dogs Snore? What You Need to Know

why do dogs snore - dog lying in bed with a cuddly toy

Is your home shaking as you struggle to hear anything over the sound of your sleeping dog? A snoring dog is a common problem for many pet owners, But why do dogs snore? Why does my dog snore so much? Why does my dog only snore when she sleeps on her back? You may have … Read more

Best 6 natural Alternatives to Benadryl for dogs

Alternatives to Benadryl for Dogs - dog on a green background outside

Benadryl is a common medication used for calming anxious dogs. However, there are alternatives that can be just as effective and they do not involve chemicals or side effects. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 natural alternatives to Benadryl for dogs. Let’s face it, Benadryl is not the best choice for dogs with … Read more

When Do Dogs Stop Growing? The Growth of a Dog

Puppy and adult touching noses - When do dogs stop growing - When do dogs stop growing - when do dogs stop growing

When do dogs stop growing? It’s a very important question for most families. To many of us, dogs are a vital member of the family, it can be a total surprise just how big our little bundles of fur and teeth can get. When your dog is young you may even wonder when do they … Read more

Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass? Things to Know


Why do dogs roll in the grass? Dogs do this for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are trying to cool themselves down, other times they may be trying to get rid of an itch or enjoying the feel and smell of freshly cut grass! In this article, we explore our dog’s universal instinct to … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Health Benefits and Risks

CAN DOGS EAT OLIVES? - dog on an olive background

Olives can be an acquired taste. You either love them or loathe them. We eat them whole, have them in salads, on our pizzas and even put them in our drinks, (cheeky martini anyone?). But can dogs eat olives? Olives are actually a type of fruit, and due to the vitamins and minerals, they contain … Read more

What is a Dog Panic Attack? Signs and ways to help

dog panic attack - scared dog

A panic attack is a natural response to an overwhelming stimulus that causes many dogs to experience extreme fear. Symptoms include shaking, drooling, panting, and hiding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what they are, how they can be treated, and ways you can help your furry friend if he or she regularly suffers from a … Read more

Can Dogs Cry? The Real Reason Dogs shed A tear

German Shepard with tears running down face

Can dogs cry? Our furry friends show all kinds of emotions we recognize, from happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Their emotions can be so deep and multifaceted, that they can also suffer from anxiety and depression. Do these intense feelings result in tears? Can dogs cry? Can Dogs cry? A dog’s brain works in a … Read more

Dog Anxiety Disorder – 15 Signs to Recognize

Stressed anxious dog in the woods

A dog anxiety disorder is probably the last thing you expected when you welcomed your new bundle of fluff into your life. Dog anxiety disorder can suddenly strike when you least expect it and at the most inconvenient times.  It may even come as a surprise that dogs can experience a mental condition like an anxiety disorder, but it’s … Read more

Dogs with Floppy Ears, The real reasons for them!

floppy eared basset hound

Dogs with floppy ears take cuteness to a whole new level, but have you ever wondered why certain breeds have floppy ears? Did you know that only one wild animal has naturally floppy ears?! And no, it’s not a dog. It’s the elephant! Wolves, the direct ancestors of the domesticated dog have always had erect ears. This leaves … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks? -Things you need to know

Why do dogs like sticks?

Why do dogs like sticks? We buy our furry friends the best quality chew toys, that are clean, hard-wearing, and suitably squeaky enough to drive us mad when chewed on for a ridiculously long time. So why do our dogs happily abandon their favorite squeaky toys for a big muddy, half-chewed stick? Fortunately, in this … Read more

Why is it Important to Exercise Your Dog?

Exercise Your Dog - dog walking in a large grassy field

As dog owners, it is natural to walk your dog each day. Walking forms part of your normal daily routine, but have you considered why those walks are so important? Do we really need them and what purpose do they serve? Well, It’s incredibly important to exercise your dog with regular walks because it’s vital … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Solutions

happy corgie with a big smile

Separation anxiety in dogs is probably the last thing we’re thinking of when we wake up in the morning. Especially when we’re bleary-eyed, hair fashionably vertical on one side, and with breath that could floor a Rhino. So, it’s actually a comfort to know that our loyal dogs are excited to see us. They hang … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

CAN DOGS EAT DRAGON FRUIT? - dog begging at the dinner table

Appealing in looks, sweet in taste, and crunchy in texture — Dragon fruit has to be one of the coolest fruits on the market! This unusual fruit comes from several different species of cactus that are indigenous to Central and South America. Dragon fruit is not only amazing to look at, but is delicious to … Read more

Pancreatitis in Dogs – Causes, Signs & Treatment

PANCREATITIS IN DOGS - a tired cock spaniel, lying on a quilt

Imagine Scooter, a lovable nine-year-old Cocker Spaniel with a few extra pounds. He loves longs walks on the leash, following scents on a whim, and all the table scraps he can get.  And because of several risk factors, he is also a potential target for pancreatitis in dogs. WHAT IS PANCREATITIS in dogs? The pancreas … Read more

Depression in Dogs: The Owner’s Guide

black and white image of a depressed dog lying on the floor

Dogs are just as prone to depression as we are. We often forget to acknowledge that dogs are capable of experiencing such complex emotions. Depression in dogs is a real thing, they do experience it, and in some situations, more intensely than we do. That is why every owner should be aware of their dog’s … Read more

Thundershirt for Dogs – Do They Really Work?

thundershirt for dogs - happy dog in front of a lake

Is your canine friend prone to anxiety? Triggers such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or loud music can affect your dog’s health and happiness. Luckily, a Thundershirt for dogs makes an excellent long-term solution. Thundershirts are basically dog anxiety jackets or anxiety wraps. Millions of pets around the world are using them to stay calm and … Read more

Chamomile for Dogs – Is it Safe?

White dog sitting in front of a tree between chamomile plants

Many people don’t realize the amazing benefits Chamomile for dogs contains. Chamomile is a surprisingly versatile plant that is both good for your dog’s health and mental wellbeing. Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. Throughout the ages, Chamomile has been used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and other ailments. It was obtained from the dried … Read more

Why Do Dogs Yawn? … and What It Really Means

tan coloured dog lying in the grass and yawning

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that many of us wish our dogs were able to talk. We could even argue that we already have deeper conversations with our furry friends than our partners. It may be surprising to know that dogs talk to us all the time, through body language. An important aspect … Read more

Dog Panting: Why They Do It And How to Fix It

Whenever our dogs do something new or act strangely, our pet parent senses start overloading. We tend to worry and worry until we solve what’s going on, even if it’s something seemingly harmless like a dog panting. If your dog constantly or intermittently pants day and night, we might wonder, “why is my dog panting … Read more

Socializing your Dog and Why you should do it

three dogs socializing and sniffing

In the United States, there are nearly 50 million households that have a dog. It’s estimated that most of those households have one or two dogs, with one being the norm. If you’re a one-dog household, it’s a very cost-effective option as bills can be kept down to a minimum. You’ll only need to buy … Read more

How to Put a ThunderShirt on a Dog

close up of a rough collie

Fireworks can be fun for kids and a good way to celebrate. Thunder is powerful and beautiful as storms roll in over the horizon. What do these things have in common? They can both be huge sources of anxiety for your pet. Not all dogs get anxiety from loud noises. However, many dogs will develop … Read more

Anxiety in Dogs – The ultimate guide to Dog Anxiety

Dogs experience anxiety just like we do, and for a whole variety of reasons, some of which might come as a surprise to new dog owners.  It doesn’t matter if you have a young puppy or an aging senior, as anxiety affects any dog at any age.  It can be easy to miss if you’re … Read more

How to Keep your Dog Calm on Halloween

Fall, the season of crisp air and changing tree colors, is a beautiful experience full of family gatherings, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and for our dogs, loud noises and lots of anxiety. All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween, is a fun night for children (and some adults, if we’re being honest) to dress up like anyone … Read more

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