Bark Potty – For when Your Dog really Needs to Go!

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We all worry about our furry friends when we go out to work. Especially, if we have to leave them at home for long periods. In theory, your dog should be fine, they’ve got food, water, and they’ve had a nice walk. However, there’s always that nagging doubt that your dog is at home, cross-legged, and desperate to be let out. Worse still, they can’t contain themselves, and your lovely home now smells like a public toilet. Luckily, there is a solution, Bark Potty.

Bark Potty, The Best Solution

Bark Potty is an innovative way for dogs to conveniently “go” at their own leisure, without needing to go outside.

Puppy on a bark potty

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What Makes It The Best Indoor Dog Potty System?

  • It can take 60 uses or more, and still stays dry
  • Bark Potty stays stink-free. Unlike conventional pee pads or an indoor turf dog potty, that will develop an unpleasant smell after just a few uses
  • A convenient throwaway dog toilet that will decompose easily
  • This is an indoor dog potty that is truly environmentally friendly

Who Needs A Bark Potty?

  • Busy dog owners that are away from home for a number of hours a day and need an indoor dog toilet
  • Dog owners with little-to-no outdoor space that need an indoor dog potty area
  • People that live in apartments and require a balcony dog potty
  • New puppy owners that need to do indoor potty training
  • People with senior dogs that have health issues. They can struggle to go outside and need an indoor dog potty area
  • Dog owners with an incontinent dog that need a convenient dog porch potty
  • Garden enthusiasts that need a designated outdoor dog potty area
Bark Potty - dog waiting with lead to go out

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Bark Potty is like a pee pad that is filled with compacted natural materials such as real bark and grass. This all-natural solution is a better indoor potty alternative than disposable pee pads, astro turf dog potty, and other similar dog toilet products. The clean-up is easier and there are no leaks and smell. The best part is because it’s so natural, dogs instinctively want to use the Bark Potty. Customers have reported that their pets use it almost instantly with little to no training involved.

Designed to be virtually maintenance-free, it’s like a dog park in a box!

How Exactly Does Bark Potty Work?

Its four-part construction is made up of a combination of natural, recyclable, and compostable materials. Each component helps to make Bark Potty convenient for you while ensuring it’s good for your dog and the planet.

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First, the proprietary bark mix is what makes it all possible. This is a combination of bark, grass, and other natural material from trees and plants that contain naturally antimicrobial properties. The organisms in the bark and resins help break down odors and other harmful germs. This amazing dog toilet absorbs your dog’s urine from the surface, then dissipates the moisture across the whole pad while eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

Bark Potty Design

The patent-pending design of its netting is its second most important feature. This helps to keep the bark contained within the box and serves as a barrier. This handy addition acts to prevent your dog from digging the contents up and spreading it all over your floor. Crucially, it also serves as the surface where your dog’s solid waste can rest without sticking. The good news is that it makes cleaning up your dog’s mess very easy! Simply use the built-in compostable poo bags to pick it up, and then throw it into the compost bin. This will leave the surface clean for your pet’s next use.

Third, the plastic tray prevents leaks and provides a sturdy platform for your dog while they do their business.

Finally, Bark Potty’s cardboard box surround makes delivery and storage incredibly convenient.

Bark Potty showing lid and actual pad

Unused Bark Potties are shelf-stable and can be stored for months at a time. The natural materials will not rot or lose their bark smell that instinctively triggers the dogs to do their business. Once your Bark Potty needs to be replaced, just rinse it clean and toss it in your recycling bin. You can now replace it with a new one.

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Why Bark?

The bark, combined with the other natural materials of the pad, stimulates your dog’s instinct to mark their territory. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, or your dog is left inside the house during the day.

The absorbency of bark and grass, combined with the resiliency of the tree resin, makes this dog toilet last significantly longer than other pads. One Bark Potty is the equivalent of using up to 60 pee pads. This can easily add up to significant savings, both in money and time spent cleaning up used pads. This clearly makes Bark Potty a better solution for an indoor dog potty.

Bark Potty - tree tops and blue sky looking up

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Since the bark and net are all-natural, once a Bark Potty has been thoroughly used, it can be composted and allowed to decompose without creating any unnecessary waste.

Bark Potty Is Committed To Sustainability

The Bark Potty company is committed to creating a positive impact on the environment. They work with organizations that help spread their impact globally and align with their values and goals. They have partnered with 1% for the Planet, One Tree Planted, Forest Stewardship Council, and the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

As a 1% for the Planet member, Bark Potty has committed to donating 1% of their sales towards environmental causes. To date, members have donated more than $270 million to the environment. 1% may not seem like much, but in joining countless others in donating their own 1%, the cumulative effect can be felt across the globe.

Bark Potty - image of deep densely populated forest

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Trees play a critical role in Bark Potty’s business. Through their partnership with One Tree Planted, they have contributed almost 8,000 trees to reforestation efforts. Since bark is one of the main components of Bark Potty, they work to ensure the protection of trees. This means we get the benefits of trees and their by-products for many years to come. The company also ensures that all the bark used in their products are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-(FSC) certified suppliers.

Being composed of dog owners, Bark Potty is a proud Pet Sustainability Coalition-(PSC) certified company. They are continuously working to contribute towards being a part of a pet industry that creates a positive impact through responsible business and social practices.

Get a Bark Potty For Your Furry Best Friend

Bark Potty’s goal is to make a comfortable dog potty area that is safe, easy and convenient as possible for your dog to use.  Join the hundreds of happy dog owners that have already found the only pee pad that naturally helps their furry friends to go in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly way.

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Why not take advantage of Bark Potty’s low-cost subscription service with FREE shipping, to always have a steady supply. Simply choose the plan that makes sense for you and your furry best friend.

To learn more, check out You’ll find hundreds of testimonials from satisfied pet owners who have already discovered Bark Potty.

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All information in the article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.
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