The Best Dog Rescues in Scotland – The Ultimate Guide

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We put together a comprehensive list of the best dog rescues in Scotland. Many of them provide shelter for the vulnerable and rehoming services and medical care for rescue dogs.

Scotland has a huge number of dogs that need a safe place to live with a caring owner, so if you want to give a rescue dog in Scotland a home, why not pay a visit to some of these worthy organisations.

Rescue Dogs Scotland

This ultimate guide lists all the charities in Scotland that rehome strays, so if you are looking for a large dog rescue or a small dog rescue, we have it covered.

1.    Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home

Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home was founded by Mrs Susan Murray way back in 1889. Her mission was to help feed and care for stray cats and dogs in the city and surrounding county of Aberdeen.

This busy organisation now serves the northeast of Scotland and helps around 1000 pets every year.

They rehome stray and abandoned pets that are unfortunately left without a family and offer boarding for dogs, cats, and other small creatures.

This rescue does not receive any government funding, so it relies on income from boarding and legacies, but mainly donations from the public.

Mrs Murray - dog rescues in Scotland

Check out their donations page to see how you can help fund them.

On their website, you will discover helpful information on locating a lost pet, microchipping, and rehoming.

Contact details for Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dogs Home are:

Search the website:


Tel: 01224 483624

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC012708

2.    Scottish Animal Welfare

This organisation helps not only dogs, cats, and other small furries but also wildlife and large creatures such as cows and horses. Priding themselves on being the only animal welfare organisation in Scotland to operate twenty-four hours a day.

The group’s main control room is in Glasgow with their national rescue centre outside of Edinburgh, where they care for creatures of all kinds in need, distress, or danger.

They are one of the best dog rescues in Scotland and don’t receive any government support, so they rely solely upon the generosity of volunteers and donations.

You can aid in their fantastic work by:

Any dogs that are rehomed are neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and they request a rehoming donation.

If you are concerned about an animal’s welfare or want to report neglect or cruelty, you can contact them here.

Search the website:

Email: Contact Form on their website

Tel: 03000 999 000 (24 hour)

3.    Dog Aid Society of Scotland

The Dog Aid Society of Scotland (DASS) was founded in 1956 and is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) based in Edinburgh but serves the rest of the country.

Its mission is to locate caring homes for dogs in need that would sadly otherwise be put to sleep and give advice and information to dog owners who need it.

They don’t receive any funding from the government and rely on income from their shop, legacies, memberships, and donations.

This rescue does not have kennel facilities as they rehome dogs directly from one home to another. They ask that the dog stays with the current owner while a suitable new home is found to minimise the stress on them.

They only rehome dogs in Scotland, and any dogs that are rehomed are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and have four weeks of PetPlan insurance. You can read the rescue rehoming process here.

dog head tilt

The society helps dog owners on low incomes with a veterinary aid scheme, neutering scheme, and provides poop bags for your pup to encourage responsible dog ownership.

They also offer a Bequeath Service called Forever After for dog owners who are worried about what would happen to their pup if anything should happen to them. DASS will find a lovely home for the rest of the dog’s life.

You can contribute to the fantastic work this rescue does by:

Contact details for the Dog Aid Society of Scotland are:

Search the website:


Tel: 0131 668 3633

Social: Facebook

Registered Charity Number:  SC001918

4.    Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels – BARK

The Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels or BARK take in unwanted strays and care for them while trying to find them a lovely caring home.

They cover an area both north and south of the Scottish border, typically within 60 miles of their kennel facilities in Berwick-Upon-Tweed in Northumberland.

They have strict rehoming policies at this rescue in order to protect the residents in their care and to give them the best opportunity of finding a happy home.

If you are open to the idea of rehoming, they strongly suggest you read their ‘Things to Consider Before Adoption‘ page first.

You can also volunteer or buy items on the charity Depop page, where all the proceeds go to fund the wonderful work that they do at BARK.

If you have any enquires, you can use the contact form on their website.

Search the website:


Tel: 01289 306299

Social: Facebook, YouTube

5.    Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home originally started way back in 1883. They take in lost and abandoned cats and dogs and rehabilitate and rehome them wherever possible.

Its mission is to “rescue, reunite and rehome dogs and cats in Edinburgh and Lothian”.

With an open intake policy, they take in any animal in need no matter what the situation. Often unwanted or mistreated, they believe every animal deserves a second chance.

They will always try and reunite pets with their owners before starting the rehoming process and have a fantastic success rate of 70% when reuniting strays with their owners.

When rehoming they require a donation, and it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications are encouraged online.

All pets that are rehomed are microchipped and come with four weeks of Petplan insurance.

This charity also runs a pet food bank, Paws Pantry, that helps to support up to 1500 pet parents each month.

You can help by buying items for Paws Pantry on their Amazon wishlist. All items are delivered straight to the charity.

There are many other ways you can contribute to the work they do at the EDCH such as:

You can also leave a gift in your will or reach them via:

Search the website: www.

Tel: 0131 669 5331

Email: or contact form here.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC006914

6.    Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA is one of the best dog rescues in Scotland and has been helping mistreated animals and giving advice back in December 1839 when it originally helped overworked horses on the streets of Edinburgh. These days they help any animal in need by rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming, and have a helpline that operates 365 days a year that receives over 540 calls per day.

Other than rescuing and rehoming, the charity educates people about the welfare of animals and brings abusers to justice by enforcing the Animal Health and Welfare Act (in Scotland) 2006.

The SSPCA is in no way connected to the RSPCA in England and Wales and is a completely separate charity.

They rely solely on donations and fundraising as they don’t receive any government or lottery funding.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the vital work that the SSPCA does, such as:

When pets are rehomed, they are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered (where appropriate) and come with four weeks of pet insurance. A rehoming fee is required to help the charity cover costs and carry on with its work. You can see all the residents currently looking for a forever home here.

You can also help by purchasing items from the online shop, donating items, leaving something in your will and fostering.

You can reach the SPCA in the following ways:

Search the website:

Email: Via their contact form on the website.

Tel: 03000 999 999 (The helpline for pets that are injured or in need)

Address: Kingseat Road, Halbeath, Dunfermline, Fife, KY118RY.

You can also connect with them on their social accounts:






Registered charity number: SC006467

7.    Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society – PADS

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society or PADS as it’s also affectionately known is a rescue charity for dogs based just outside of Perth that is run by a skilled and dedicated staff that cares for and rehomes stray and abandoned dogs.

Since its opening, PADS has successfully rehomed thousands of previously stray or abandoned dogs.

The charity was founded in 1985 by Sylvia Hales, who, with a group of equally concerned people decided to find a way to replace the local pound that had such awful conditions it sadly, led to the death of many dogs.

Dog in a kennel

Through generous donations, they were able to secure a property where they created a completely safe environment to care for and rehome local dogs in need.

They also have a small hospital where dogs can rest and recuperate after operations, and a fantastic ‘mother and baby unit’ where pregnant pups can have peace and safety while caring for their newborn pups.

If you would like to help the charity to carry on with its essential work, you can do so by:

If you are open to rehoming a dog, please fill out the online application form.

You can see the adorable pups that are looking for a caring owner, and the downloadable application form here.

All the dogs that PADS rehome are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before heading to their new family.

If you’d like to get in touch with the friendly staff at Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society, you can use the methods below:

Search the website:

Tel: 01764 684491


Social: Facebook

Registered Charity Number: SC011033

8.    Borders Pet Rescue

Borders Pet Rescue has been going since 1988. They help rehabilitate anxious dogs and rehome abandoned and unwanted pets.

From dogs and cats to small furries and exotic pets, they find over 200 animals a nice new home each year.

They work incredibly hard to make sure they locate a place that will best suit both pet and owner, giving everyone the best chance of success.

This charity also continues to aid the families and pets in the weeks and months after the adoption and is always on hand to help when needed.

All pets that are rehomed are microchipped and neutered (where possible) before going to their new home.

You can see all the animals looking for a fresh start here. Check out the menu to find their current residents.

Anyone interested in rehoming a pet is encouraged to read about the charity’s rehoming process and fill in an online application.

As well as rehoming, you can help support the staff by:

You can also purchase items on their amazon wishlist that will go straight to the charity and do easy fundraising where you shop online, and the retailer makes a modest donation to the charity at no extra cost to you.

Borders Pet Rescue is another charity that relies on generous donations and fundraising to carry on its vital work. So it is always appreciated no matter how little the contribution.

You can reach the team at Borders Pet Rescue by:

Search the website:

Tel: 01896 849090


Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC001583

9.    Dog Action Working Group Scotland – DAWGS

Dog Action Working Group Scotland was founded in 1994 by Mike Gibb, Brenda Rae, Jill Inggall, and Karen Sutherland. They are a dog rescue charity based in Aberdeen that helps find dogs in need of a caring new place to live.

This like-minded group of dog lovers started by helping a local vet that needed assistance rehoming strays. They placed adverts locally and carried out the all-important home checks at potential new homes.

As the need for their services grew, they started rehoming dogs whose families could no longer look after them as well as the strays.

Since the beginning, DAWGS have rehomed over 3000 dogs to their new forever homes. They’re just as dedicated to the welfare of the dogs in their care now as they were when they started.

You can read about the charity’s rehoming process and see the dogs needing homes on the DAWGS website.

DAWGS relies on donations and income from fundraising and their charity shop. They receive no statutory funding or financial finding from the government.

happy doggie

To help contribute to the wonderful work they do at DAWGS, you can:

You can also help the charity by signing up for regular donations through the ‘DAWGS Best Friend Scheme‘. The donations help with the cost of veterinary visits, kennelling, and training.

You will receive newsletters, information, and invites to events. Most importantly, you know your money will help a pup in need. What could be better than that?

If you’d like to discover more about the staff at DAWGS, you can do so by:

Search the website:

Tel: 01224 208989


Address: The Dawghouse, The Old Bakehouse, Main Street, Alford, AB33 8PX

Social: Facebook, Twitter

Registered Charity Number: SC022666

10. Dogs Trust

 The Dogs Trust was originally founded back in 1891 by Lady Gertrude Stock and a small group of animal lovers that vowed to campaign against cruelty to dogs.

Back then, it was called the National Canine Defence League (NCDL) and changed to the Dogs Trust in 2003.

They are one of the UK’s largest and most well-known dog welfare charities and pride themselves on never putting a healthy dog down.

The Dogs Trust centre in Glasgow has 66 kennels, cares for hundreds of dogs each year, and has a dedicated team that helps rehabilitate and rehome the pups in their care.

Dog in some grass

Anyone interested in adopting from the rescue can find the dogs needing homes and information on how adoption works here. You can book a rehoming info appointment where you meet a member of the team experienced in matching the right family with the right pup.

You can also arrange a guided tour of the facilities, which gives a unique opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at the centre.

The charity offers fantastic advice and guidance for dog owners on their website, including ‘dog school‘, where you can get expert advice on training, as well as general information and tips on behaviour, dog care, and puppy care.

To help the Dogs Trust continue the fantastic work they do, you can help other than rehoming, such as:

There are also many ways to help while you shop, such as the Dogs trust online shop, buying items from local charity shops, and easy fundraising.

You can discover more via: 

Search the website:


Tel: 0303 003 0000

Address: Dogs Trust Glasgow, 315 Hamilton Road, Glasgow, G71 7SL

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Registered Charity Number: SC037843

11. Islay Dog Rescue

Islay Dog Rescue was started by Lorraine Jardine after she sadly lost her two dogs in 2010.

With a dedicated team of volunteers, this rescue focuses on helping “Death Row” dogs that are in pounds and are, heartbreakingly, waiting to be put down. Islay Dog Rescue saves these unfortunate inmates and gives them a fresh start in life.

Once rescued and assessed, they are checked by a vet, neutered, treated for parasites, and microchipped before being rehomed. They also offer five weeks of insurance when the dogs are adopted to cover new pet parents from day one.

Check out the menu at the top of the page to find their dogs here.

If you aren’t able to rehome, there are several ways that you can assist the rescue, including:

There are other ways to help, such as donating items like bedding, food, building materials, fundraising, leaving a legacy, and ‘easy fundraising‘ when shopping online. Information on all these can be located on the rescue’s supporting us page.

You can keep up with the latest news via Lorraine and the team at Islay Dog rescue:

Search the website:

Tel: 07876561545

Email: Form on their Contact Us page

Address: Islay Dog Rescue, Glen Islay, Cumnock, Ayrshire, KA18 2SG

Social: Facebook

12. Banff & Aberdeenshire Rescue & Rehoming Kennels – BARRK

Banff & Aberdeenshire Rescue & Rehoming Kennels or BARRK is a registered charity in Scotland that was established in May 1996. They rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need and currently rehome around 120 dogs each year. 

The rescue provides a vaccination and neutering program for pet parents, and foster dogs that have extra needs such as an illness, medical condition or are old enough to be collecting their puppy pension.

When rehoming, the rescue asks for a donation to help with the cost of veterinary bills and kennelling.

The dogs looking for new homes at BARRK can be found here.

BARRK’s policy is to never give up on a dog. Some dogs need more help than others before being rehomed, so the rescue has a rehabilitation unit run by volunteers where dogs that have any behavioural issues or need extra TLC to be rehabilitated until they are ready to be rehomed.

Those who cannot be rehomed become permanent residents at the unit and are looked after for the rest of their lives.

There are a few ways that you can back the vital work they do at BARRK, such as:

You can shop at and buy items as usual, but Amazon makes a modest donation to the charity at no extra cost to you.

The rescue relies on income from their charity shop and generous donations from their supporters, so all donations are gratefully received.

You can reach the team at BARRK by:

Search the website:


Tel: 01261 815373

Address: 43 Low St, Banff AB45 1AU

Social: Facebook

Registered Charity Number: SC024873

13. Any Dog’ il Do

Any Dog ‘il Do Rescue is a non-profit organisation based in Edinburgh that’s run entirely by devoted volunteers and rescues and rehomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

The rescue was originally started due to the dramatic increase of animals being advertised as ‘free to a good home’ that often did not end up in the loving forever home they needed.

Many of the dogs at Any Dog’ il Do have been rescued from pounds across the country and been saved from being put to sleep. 

All dogs are thoroughly assessed to be matched with the most appropriate family for rehoming. They are then vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated, and neutered (or are offered help to neuter after adoption).

For the dogs’ safety, new owners are required to sign an adoption contract so that if their pup is rehomed for any reason in the future, they will return to the care of the rescue. 

Another dog - dog rescues in Scotland

You can find the pups at the ADDR looking for their new homes here.

The group doesn’t receive any government funding. It relies heavily on the money made from adoptions and donations to keep doing the fantastic work that they do.

As the organisation is run entirely by volunteers, no money is spent on wages or salaries, and 100% of the money raised goes straight back into the charity.

The ways you can help Any Dog’ il Do Rescue are:

You can reach the team at Any Dog ‘il Do Rescue by:

Search the website:


Social: Facebook, Twitter

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to rehome your pet, please fill in the owner surrender form on their website.

Registered Charity Number: SC044302.

14. Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath

The Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath is a volunteer-led charity based just outside of Arbroath and serving the entire Angus area.

They can rehome a pet that has been given up by its owners or abandoned. It’s not just aimed at dogs; they also rehome other animals. Anything from small furries like rabbits and guinea pigs to the more scaley creatures in need, such as snakes and turtles. They are literally open to helping any pet in need.

This facility, like many others, relies on donations and fundraising to enable them to continue the important work that they do, and they are grateful for any support received.

You can see the list of those up for adoption at the Animal Rescue Centre here.

The rehoming procedure, terms and conditions of adoption, and a downloadable application form can be located on the adoption page on their website.

Ways you can help include:

  • Volunteering – The rescue is always looking for help, from dog walking and kennel cleaning to fundraising and pre-adoption house visits.
  • Donating – Donations can be made to the rescue’s Go Fund Me page or through PayPal.

You can find out more about the organisation and contact them via:

Search the website:


Tel: 07474567938

Social: Facebook, Instagram

Address: 15 Kinaldie Holdings, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 5SH

Registered Charity Number: SC047000

15. KWK9 Rescue Centre

KWK9 Rescue Centre is located in Caithness and was set up to help rehome needy dogs in the local area. The charity doesn’t have kennels but instead relies on foster carers to look after the dogs until they are ready to be rehomed.

If you are interested in adopting a pet from KWK9 Rescue, you can fill out an application form on their website. You will then be contacted by a member of the team to arrange an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in.

The charity is always in need of donations, both in terms of money and goods. You can donate with PayPal or through your bank, or you can sell items and donate the proceeds.

Items always needed include leads, toys, transport crates, dog coats, and food.

Ways you can help this rescue include:

  • Fostering
  • Adopting
  • Donating money or goods
  • Fundraising

You can find out more about how you can help the group on their help us page.

Keep up with what is happening with the charity on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Contact details for KWK9 Rescue are:

Search the website:


Tel: 07760 803346

Address: KWK9 Rescue, Muritai, Upper Warse, Canisbay, Caithness, KW1 4YD.

Registered Charity Number: SC041937

16. Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre is one of the best dog rescues in Scotland. It’s run by a friendly team who are passionate about helping dogs in need. The rescue is based in Glencaple, a few miles south of Dumfries.

The centre initially opened in March 2003 and has since helped rehome over 4000 dogs.

They take in dogs from pounds and other rescues, as well as welfare cases referred to them by social services and other agencies.

The centre is dedicated to finding the perfect home for each dog in its care. They offer a personal service, responding to individual needs, which they believe sets them apart from nationally based organisations.

If you are interested in adopting a pet or would like to find out more about their work, you can visit their website, where you can find the dogs looking for new loving homes and the rescue’s five-step guide for adopting a dog. You can also read some of their heartwarming success stories.

The charity also runs a Supported Adoption Scheme that helps support elderly and chronically ill pups or dogs that may be hard to adopt. Dogs that still enjoy a quality of life but need some help to meet certain costs such as veterinary treatment or prescription diets.

Sponsorship enables them to carry on living out the remainder of their days in a comfortable, loving environment.

Besides adopting, there are many ways you can aid the charity, such as:

You can find more details here:

Search the website:


Tel: (01387) 770210

Address: Dovecotewells, by Glencaple, Dumfries, DG1 4RH

Social: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Registered Charity Number: SC031991

17. Canine Campus Pet Rescue

Canine Campus Pet rescue is based in Glasgow and is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. The charity was set up in 2017 to aid as many stray and abandoned animals as possible.

They have a strict no-kill policy and have saved over 500 dogs from being put to sleep. The charity also runs a food bank for pets so that no creature goes hungry.

Before being put up for adoption, all pets that arrive are given a thorough check-up and any necessary veterinary treatment. The team is also trained in handling all kinds of animals, including those with behavioural issues.

They actually specialise in helping pups with severe issues that most other organisations wouldn’t consider.

The group’s goal is to provide animals in its care with nutritious food, compassionate handling, and a loving forever home.

Dog side profile

You can read their adoption policy, and see the animals needing homes on their website.

If you would like to apply for a furry friend, please fill in the application form.

You can aid their work by donating money or food. Other ways to help include volunteering your time and fostering a dog in need.

Canine Campus Pet Rescue is a great place to start if you’re open to adopting a new furry friend!

You can discover more information here:

Search the website:


Telephone: 07564 303008

Address: 2 Hamilton Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 3DG

Social: Facebook

18. Canine Rescue Scotland

Canine Rescue Scotland is a small charity based in the Scottish Borders that was set up to save and rehome abandoned stray and unwanted dogs.

They rely heavily on donations and volunteers to keep their work going.

All dogs that come into their care are given a thorough health check, vaccinated, and microchipped before being put up for adoption.

This amazing group is passionate about finding the right home for each dog and offers a lifetime of support to all adopters.

The group runs a behavioural support program that is open to anyone, with the aim of helping people to keep their furry friends rather than surrendering them to a shelter.

The program offers one-to-one support with a qualified behaviourist and is designed to help families adjust their dog’s problematic behaviour.

You can see all of the dogs currently looking for homes on their website.

If you’re interested in adopting, please fill in an application form.

Some of the ways you can support the important work they do at this rescue are:

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to rehome your dog, you can fill in a surrender form here.

Contact details for the rescue are:

Search the website:


Telephone: 0141 478 06600141 478 06141 478 06600141 478 0660

Address: Levernbank Kennels, Glasgow, G53 7TH

Social: Facebook, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC051052

19. Second Chance Kennels Fife

This fantastic charity is based in Kircaldy, Fife, and was originally started in 1994 by Ena Conyon and her husband Frank. To date, they have rehomed around 4000 dogs.

The facility is purpose-built to house the dogs and is situated in Thornton on the east coast of Scotland.

Set in rural surroundings with plenty of farmland and country walks nearby, making it the perfect location for its residents to get some exercise.

The group is committed to caring for every pet that comes through its doors and works tirelessly to find them loving homes.

All of the dogs at the kennels are vaccinated, microchipped, de-fleaed, and neutered long before they are rehomed.

Anyone interested in adopting a furry friend can arrange a visit to meet the dogs in their care. The team will then assess if your home is suitable, and a home visit will be arranged.

They are committed to finding the best homes possible for their residents and do not home to high-rise flats.

The facility relies on donations and fundraising from the community. They ask for a donation when you rehome a dog from them to help with the cost of running the rescue, enabling them to help more pups in need.

You can help aid the rescue by:

As well as monetary donations, you can also make donations of food, toys, beds, and non-doggy items like office supplies!

You can contact Second Chance Kennels Fife by:

Search the website:


Tel: 01592 771933 (Landline) 07841520074 (Mobile)

Opening times: 12pm to 4pm (Closed Wednesday and Sunday)

Address: Second Chance Kennels, Balbeggie Avenue, Thornton, Fife, KY1 3NS

Registered Charity Number: SC032202

20. Give a Dog a Bone…And an Animal a Home

Give a Dog a Bone (and an Animal a Home) is a unique charity started by Louise Russell dedicated to tackling loneliness in older adults and animal homelessness.

The charity themselves are not a rescue and does not rehome pets, but they provide financial support to people over 60 who want to adopt a rescue pet or people who are struggling to afford the ongoing monthly costs associated with caring for their furry friend.

The big news is they are currently piloting an Animal Rehoming Scheme where rescues can give details of animals in need that are looking for a loving home. The organisation stresses that this new scheme is in its infancy and encourages rescues to get in touch.

They also have community spaces in Shawlands, Troon, and Alloa where people can meet for a cup of tea and a chat, as well as free activities and therapy treatments. Their beloved pet companions are always welcome.

The group has won numerous awards, and its work is greatly appreciated by the local community.

big dog - dog rescues in Scotland

Many of the individuals who engage with Give a Dog a Bone are alone, and pets can have such a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of older adults.

Their pets are often their main source of company and affection, which is why the group is so dedicated to supporting older adults in keeping their pets.

If you’re interested in supporting their incredible work, you can:

If you know someone who might benefit from the services of Give a Dog a Bone, or if you’re over 60 and looking for companionship, definitely get in touch!

You can reach Give a Dog a Bone here:

Search the website:


Tel: 07969 742 858

Registered Address: 121 Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow, G76 7HD, Scotland

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC044440

21. Staffordshire Rescue Scotland

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland was founded in 2011 and is run by a small band of committed volunteers that adore the breed.

The group is dedicated to the rehoming of Staffordshire Bull Terriers in need and works tirelessly to find loving homes for their dogs.

They are a non-profit organisation and rely on the generosity of the wider community to continue their work.

They also aim to educate people about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed and responsible dog ownership, promoting neutering to reduce the number of unwanted dogs in Scotland.

The company doesn’t have premises to keep the staffies but relocate them from home to home wherever possible.

The charity work with qualified advisors and only believe in positive reinforcement when it comes to the training and rehabilitation of the dogs in their care.

Where a dog is thought to be in danger or the circumstances just don’t allow it, they place the pup in a foster home until a caring new home can be found.

If you’re open to adopting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, they’ll need to do a home check first to make sure that you can offer a suitable lifelong home for one of their dogs. You can read about the adoption process here.

They charge an adoption fee, which helps with neutering/spaying, microchipping, vaccinations, and transport costs.

If you are a Staffie owner needing to rehome your dog, you can read their Rehome Your Staffie Page, where you can also download a rehoming form.

You can contribute by donating and fundraising or even fostering and volunteering your time to help out.

Follow them on social media, or contact them via:

Search the website:


Social: Facebook, Twitter

Registered Charity Number: SC042285

22. Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

The Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary was founded in 2008 and is one of the best dog rescues in Scotland. It’s an independent charity that is not affiliated with the racing industry.

The Sanctuary is run by a team of volunteers who have their own families and jobs but are dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and lurchers and finding them caring new homes.

This rescue relies on donations and the fundraising efforts of supporters and volunteers.

Their website has a fantastic information page that covers everything you need to know about greyhounds with all sorts of helpful information and advice.

Anyone interested in a greyhound is encouraged to check out their website to find the gorgeous greyhounds looking for new homes and fill in an application form.

Home checks will need to be carried out before any dog is adopted, and there is an adoption fee to help cover the cost of vaccinations, neutering/spaying, and microchipping.

There are many ways you can get involved and contribute to the amazing work that the team of volunteers does, such as:

Discover more about this amazing company here:

Search the website:

Email: scottishgreyhoundsanctuary@gmail.comoundsanctuary@gmail.

Tel: 0845 643 9335

Postal address only: 24 Abbotshall Road, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9JX, Scotland.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Registered Charity Number: SC039701

23. Fife Rottweiler Rescue

Fife Rottweiler Rescue is a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Rottweilers in the Fife area. They believe that Rotties are a misunderstood breed and that with the right training and environment, they can make excellent pets.

They don’t have rescue premises and mainly use foster homes and, in some cases, private boarding kennels to house the dogs in their care.

Once a dog arrives, they do a thorough assessment of them. They then vaccinate, microchip, neuter, worm and de-flea them and make sure that the pup gets any other medical care they may need. They also work on the dog’s training and socialisation while in their care.

Fife Rottweiler Rescue relies on donations to allow them to continue their work, and they are always looking for new foster homes.

The rescue doesn’t always need the potential new owners to have specific experience with Rottie’s. Still, it does require that they have some experience with large breeds.

If you think you could offer a loving home to one of these lovely but misunderstood pups, you can find their menu of dogs needing homes here and on their Facebook page.

Ways to aid the rescue to help more Rotties in need are:

You can reach Fife Rottweiler Rescue via:

Search the website:


Tel: 07955 809 628

Social: Facebook

Registered Charity Number: SC040729

24. German Shepherd Rescue Scotland

The German Shepherd Rescue Scotland was established in 2008 and is a Registered Charity.

They are a non-profit organisation run by German Shepherd lovers, for German Shepherd lovers. The Rescue takes in unwanted, abandoned, or abused German Shepherds and does everything they can to find them a forever home.

The rescue stresses that they are not trainers or behaviourists, just lovers of the German Shepherd breed. But each dog that comes to them is assessed thoroughly and then matched with the most suitable new owner.

The good news is they also offer lifetime backup for any dog that is adopted through them and are always on the end of the phone for advice after an adoption.

The charity doesn’t have a rescue centre and is run by volunteers that work from home. They try to rehome the dogs in need straight from home to home, or the dogs may be placed in foster homes and, as a last resort, kennels.

You can see the lovely dogs for adoption on their website, along with information on whether the breed is a right fit for you, their adoption guidelines and their online adoption application form.

The rescue relies entirely on donations that help cover the cost of veterinary care, neutering, transporting, and general running of the charity. All volunteers give up their time for free, and every penny goes back to the rescue.

There are many ways in which you can help the company, such as:

Another way you can aid the rescue is by ‘easy fundraising‘ while you shop online.

You can get in touch with the team at German Shepherd Rescue Scotland by:

Search the website:


Tel: 07391 531 106

Address: 15 King Street, Burghead, Elgin, Moray, Inverness-shire, IV30 5XA.

(This address is not a rescue, it is for correspondence only)

Social: Facebook

Registered Charity Number: SC041384

25. Greyhound Awareness League

The Greyhound Awareness League was founded in 1998 and gained its charitable status in 2001.

The charity saves abandoned and abused greyhounds and lurchers across the country, with most of the pups in their care coming from a racing or working background.

They are committed to educating people about this gentle, often overlooked breed. They care so much about the pups they rescue and treat every rescue as their own.

Run completely by a small group of volunteers that don’t have kennels or rescue premises, they rely on a dedicated team of fosterers to provide short or long-term care until the perfect home can be found.

Pets rescued by the organisation are assessed, vet-checked, neutered and microchipped before being adopted.

You can find the menu page of dogs needing homes on their website and Facebook page. Anyone interested in rehoming one of their pups can fill in an online application form.

This rescue relies on fundraising and donations to keep going, so every little bit helps. As well as supporting the day-to-day running of the rescue, donations help to fund their ‘Forever Foster Hounds‘ that couldn’t be rehomed and need long-term foster care.

You can contribute to the fantastic work the volunteers do at GAL by:

Follow the Greyhound Awareness League on social media, or contact them via:

Search the website:


Tel: 0870 888 7277

Social: Facebook, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC031037

26. Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue

Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue is a small dog rescue that helps dogs from across the UK for many different reasons. They are dedicated to giving dogs the best possible chance of finding a fantastic new home. They are all volunteers that give up their time for charity, and they truly love what they do!

When a dog arrives in their care, they are carefully assessed by a vet so they can receive any special treatment they require. They will also be treated for fleas and worms and be microchipped and vaccinated before rehoming.

When adopting a dog from the rescue, a home check will need to be done to ensure it will be the right environment for both the dog and the new owner.

Anyone interested in rehoming a pup at the rescue can see the dogs for adoption on the rescue’s website, as well as find their online adoptions form.

As with many others, the rescue doesn’t receive any funding from the government, so rely solely on money from donations and fundraising events. Any money raised or received goes towards food, the rescue’s costly vet bills, and the general upkeep of the dogs in their care.

If you aren’t able to rehome a dog, there are other ways that you can help Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue, such as:

If you’d like to reach Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue, you can do it via:

Search the website:


Social: Twitter, Instagram

Registered Charity Number: SC048163


These are the best dog rescues in Scotland that are doing some incredible work to save our furry friends and give them a better life.

Dogs lying down

They rely on public contributions to continue their important work, so please consider volunteering your time, donating, organising events to raise money, or even adopting a furry friend yourself. You could be giving an abandoned pooch another opportunity for a happy life. Thank you!

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