Can dogs eat popcorn? And is it healthy?

dog waiting for some popcorn

Can dogs eat popcorn? We all enjoy cramming huge fistfuls of popcorn into our mouths at the movies, and many of us like to ping some microwave popcorn when watching our favorite tv show.  But what happens when your four-legged friend places their big furry face squarely in your lap and quietly drools onto your trousers? Can your dog … Read more

Can dogs eat raspberries? Benefits & Likely Risks

dog eating raspberries from a basket

Dogs just love food, and they enjoy nothing better than chowing down on whatever you happen to be eating. But what happens if your furry friend is sniffing around your bowl of tasty raspberries? Can dogs eat raspberries? The quick answer is yes, in moderation. Raspberries are packed with nutrients that your dog needs and … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? The Pros And Cons

Can dogs eat shrimp

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? It’s a common question many dog owners ask themselves. Especially when our furry friends have their noses pressed against a plate of this delicious seafood. There are both benefits and risks associated with feeding dogs shrimp. In this blog post, we will discuss what is known about the benefits and potential … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Health Benefits and Risks

CAN DOGS EAT OLIVES? - dog on an olive background

Olives can be an acquired taste. You either love them or loathe them. We eat them whole, have them in salads, on our pizzas and even put them in our drinks, (cheeky martini anyone?). But can dogs eat olives? Olives are actually a type of fruit, and due to the vitamins and minerals, they contain … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sausage? The Benefits and Risks

can dogs eat sausage

Dogs love sausages, but can dogs can eat sausage? It’s a question we dog owners often ponder. Especially as our furry friend darts from the kitchen, dragging a string of stolen sausages from his latest fridge raid. If you are wondering if your dog can eat sausage or sausage meat, then this article is for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

can dogs eat Watermelon? - dog with watermelon in mouth

There are few things more refreshing on a hot day than a juicy slice of watermelon! It’s thirst-quenching, tasty, and packed with vitamins and minerals, but can dogs eat Watermelon? Watermelon is a great healthy snack, but as healthy as it is for us two-legged types, what about our four-legged friends? Is it just as … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Crab? Discover The Benefits and risks

can dogs eat crabs

The short answer for can dogs eat crab, is yes, but to a point. Crab is low in fat and a good source of protein. Crabs, like many marine species, are rich in minerals such as zinc, selenium, and other nutrients. It does have hidden dangers however, the full answer to can dogs eat crab is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Grits, And Are They Safe?

can dogs eat - dark brown dog sitting in a kitchen

As caring dog owners, we sometimes unknowingly feed our dogs things that we probably shouldn’t, some of them could even be classed as junk food and harmful. In this article, we’ll ask can dogs eat grits? We’ll delve deep and discover if they can make nutritious dog food instead of kibble. We’ll also reveal the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Prunes? Prunes for dogs revealed

can dogs eat prunes - a happy hairy dog on some grass

Dried plums, better known as prunes are commonly used as a natural remedy to relieve constipation in people, they’re also a tasty snack that many of us like to indulge in. If you find your dog dribbling on your knee while you’re eating, I’m sure you’ve wondered, can dogs eat prunes? In this article, we … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salami…And Is It Healthy?

can dogs eat salami - dog licking his lips with a yellow background

Dogs eat meat, the more the merrier. That’s the perception we all have if we’re new at looking after dogs. The reality is that dogs eat all kinds of things, they’re like little hairy garbage cans. Protein through meat is indeed a very important element in a dog’s diet, but the quality of that meat … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

CAN DOGS EAT DRAGON FRUIT? - dog begging at the dinner table

Appealing in looks, sweet in taste, and crunchy in texture — Dragon fruit has to be one of the coolest fruits on the market! This unusual fruit comes from several different species of cactus that are indigenous to Central and South America. Dragon fruit is not only amazing to look at, but is delicious to … Read more

What Foods Are Good For Dogs?

A black dog being offered a meaty snack.

Dogs are very single-minded when it comes to food, they tend to demolish it like they haven’t eaten in months and give little thought to calories and portion control. Since they’re walking hairy trashcans with legs, that will thoughtlessly eat anything, it’s up to us to keep them on the straight and narrow for the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper?

a white poodle licking his lips

Black pepper is made of dried and aged pepper berries and can be used as a whole spice or in powdered form as seasoning. Thinking of giving your dog treats flavored with black pepper but asking yourself is black pepper safe for dogs? Then you’ve landed on the right article! So, can dogs have black … Read more

Anise for Dogs – Is it Dognip?

Anise for dogs - Dog calmly lying down on the garden lawn

Is there dognip? Everybody’s heard of Catnip, and the almost magical effect on cats. Anise for dogs is often rumored to produce similar results on our canine friends, but is it dognip?  The seeds obtained from the anise plant are the main ingredients used in the product anise. It has historically been used as herbal … Read more

Chamomile for Dogs – Is it Safe?

White dog sitting in front of a tree between chamomile plants

Many people don’t realize the amazing benefits Chamomile for dogs contains. Chamomile is a surprisingly versatile plant that is both good for your dog’s health and mental wellbeing. Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. Throughout the ages, Chamomile has been used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and other ailments. It was obtained from the dried … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass …and is it safe?

why do dogs eat grass - dog eating long grass

Have you started noticing your dog suddenly eating a lot of grass? Maybe this has become a major concern for you. Trust me, you are not the only one puzzled and concerned about this strange habit. So why do dogs eat grass? Your dog eats grass mainly because he feels the physical need or has … Read more

Catnip For Dogs – Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?

catnip for dogs - calm dog asleep

I’m sure you’ve been curious from time to time about Catnip and wondered what on earth it is. Catnip is a type of herb that belongs to the mint family, and pet owners throughout the world feed these amazing leaves to their cats for its health benefits. However, it’s because of the incredible relaxing properties … Read more

Things That Are Poisonous to Dogs- What Every Pet Owner Should Know

things that are toxic to dogs

Dogs aren’t known for being Connoisseurs of fine cuisine, they just love chewing stuff. It really doesn’t matter how valuable, dangerous or disgusting it is. You name it, and your average dog will attempt to either eat it or chew it to bits. Since our dogs have such a cavalier, devil-may-care attitude to what they … Read more

What Not To Feed A Dog – Top 24 Foods

What not to feed a dog - dog waiting patiently for his food

They’re fun, they’re playful and they’ll even fetch the paper if there’s a biscuit in the deal, but can you truly trust your dog to make sensible decisions? Dogs make dubious choices in life, and it’s a wonder sometimes that the species has lasted so long. How many times has your fluffy best friend enjoyed … Read more

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