CBD For Dogs With Osteoarthritis – What Really Works

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Is your dog suffering from joint pain? Learn about CBD for dogs with Osteoarthritis.

What is the Difference Between Arthritis and Osteoarthritis?

Arthritis is generally defined as inflammation of the joints while Osteoarthritis is the damage or deterioration of cartilage between the joints. This cartilage acts as a cushion or shock absorber between joints and allows for a range of motion. If the cartilage becomes damaged or gets worn out, it creates friction when bones come into direct contact which creates pain and inflammation. 

The body may try to compensate by producing bone spurs in an attempt to repair the damage.

Additional symptoms may be experienced if it presses on nerves like weakness, numbness, and tingling and pain if it presses on other bones. 

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

cbd for dogs with osteoarthritis - an infographic of symptoms of osteoarthritis with a dog lying down in the background

These symptoms are indicative your dog is experiencing pain. Unfortunately, our pets are unable to tell us directly how they are feeling so we need to be on the lookout for these symptoms to catch them early.

You may notice these symptoms are similar to how a human would act when experiencing discomfort, such as trouble climbing stairs and being cranky when physically uncomfortable and this way we can empathize with our pets.

Currently, there are about 77.2 million dogs in the United States with some form of arthritis.

1 in 5 dogs over the age of 7 have some form of arthritis.

Does CBD Help with Osteoarthritis in Dogs?

A Resounding Yes!

This is a quick summary of a recent 90-day trial using Hemp extract and Hemp oil involving dogs with maladaptive pain caused by Osteoarthritis where 30 out of 32 dogs showed positive results (93%) including:

  1. Improved mobility
  2. Reduced anxiety
  3. Reduced pain
  4. An increase in activity
  5. More Attentive
  6. More Animated
  7. More mentally engaged
  8. Slept less
  9. Interacted more
  10. A decrease in occurrence of epileptic seizures
  11. No noticeable side effects.

Out of 32 dogs, 23 were taking Gabapentin (a medication used for chronic pain) at the time of enrollment.

These dogs have been taking Gabapentin between 3 months to 10 years.

At the end of the trial, 10 dogs discontinued taking the medication while 11 reduced their dosage with the addition of CBD oil.

2 reported no noticeable changes.  These dogs represented a wide variety of breeds and were between 2 to 16.6 years old and 5 to 50 Kg. Click here to read the complete study

cbd for dogs with osteoarthritis - a list of 30 dog breeds enrolled din the study
cbd for dogs with Osteoarthritis - 1,000 mg hemp bottle

The ONLY Pet Label Clinically Studied And Recommended By Independent Veterinarians

HempMyPet Hemp (CBD) Oil Formula Clinically Proven To Be Effective In Treating Pain In Dogs with Osteoarthritis.

cbd for dogs with osteoarthritis - a snapshot of a positive testimonial

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What causes Osteoarthritis in dogs?

Generally speaking, the older the dog and the bigger the breed, the higher the risk.

Contributing factors are:

  • Obesity –  Excess weight is a large contributing factor. It may add stress to the joints and even cause an early onset. Weight control may help prevent this condition especially in large dogs
  • Dogs who are diabetic or have Cushing’s Disease
  • Injury or trauma
  • An inherited condition such as Hip Dysplasia or Elbow Dysplasia
  • Abnormal joint development
  • Age and natural wear and tear
  • Diet – Some foods may may cause inflammation and some may prevent it

What To Feed And What To Avoid

AVOID foods known to cause inflammation such as grains, corn, omega-6 oils such as corn, safflower, canola, sunflower oil, added salt, and sugar as well as additives and ultra-processed dog treats.

DO FEED foods which are known to prevent inflammation such as lean meat like grass-fed beef, chicken, turkey. Omega3 from salmon, tuna, and mackerel and sardines(in water) are known for their beneficial properties. Additionally, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, squash, sweet potato(in moderation), pumpkin, and zucchini are good for helping with joint inflammation. Here’s a

Consider putting your dog on a keto diet.

Dog Breeds Prone To Osteoarthritis

Any dog can develop this condition regardless of its breed but Larger dogs and Purebreds are at a higher risk.

  • Old English Sheepdogs
  • Border Collie
  • Bull Mastiff
  • German Shepherd
  • German Pointer
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Rottweiler
  • Scottish Collie
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Saint Bernards
  • Great Danes
  • Dachshunds

Alternative Treatments to Osteoarthritis

Homeopathy – It works through the principle of like cures like.

This product is effective in Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It also strengthens the cartilage, ligaments, tendons, joints, and relieves inflammation. 

More importantly, it works on all animals.

Homeoanimal has 450 remedies that cover a wide array of conditions.

CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis - an image of Homeoanimal Arthritis homeopathic remedy for dogs

Reiki – This is a form of energy healing where the practitioner transfers healing energy to a dog(or human) through human touch and is directed towards the Chakras or the energy centers of the body. 

Dogs that experience Reiki often result in increased mobility, calmness, and display a renewed interest in play. Reiki is not limited in distance. Energy healing can be sent across the room or even to a different part of the world. Learn more here.

Acupuncture – This is an ancient form of healing in humans that also applies to animals and is one aspect of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). Needles are inserted in very specific areas to stimulate the body to heal itself. Learn more here.

Laser Therapy – works thought the process called photobiostimulation. Lasers are pointed in areas that change the cellular chemistry by increasing production of cell fuel (adenosine triphosphate). It also increases circulation to the site and reduces inflammation and pain. Learn more here

How Can I Help My Dog With Arthritic Pain?

There are things you can do to further help your dog. The pain from this condition may discourage your dog from getting up from a lying position.  

When your dog does get up, prevent him from slipping by putting some carpeting on the floor. It will also help cushion the impact on their joints.

Restrict access to sections of your home with slippery floors, such as ceramic tiles.

Low impact exercises may help like swimming.

cbd for dogs with osteoarthritis - older dog swimming as a low impact exercise

Excess strain can be placed on your dog’s joints and muscles when they are attempting to get out of water. If your dog is not a natural water lover, restrict their access to water.

Swimming is a non-load-bearing exercise that is beneficial for dogs with Osteoarthritis. 

If your dog is a swimmer, look for an entrance to and exit from the water which won’t cause unnecessary burden to their joints’.

Walking is a form of low impact exercise. Ideally, it should be 3 short walks daily lasting 10 minutes or less. 

Dog being walked by its owner

Exercise is necessary to strengthen muscles and to provide mental stimulation as well as to control body weight. 

Slow down if you notice your dog falling behind. Pause mid-walk if necessary. 

It’s better to have frequent short walks every day instead of taking very long walks but infrequently. 

Avoid going out at the hottest part of the day. If it rains, dry out your dog because older dogs have less ability to keep themselves warm. 

A warming bed may offer relief for your dog. Put a layer of bedding so your dog doesn’t lie directly on top. Also, always adjust to the lowest setting.

Try to cover your dog’s bed or crate only halfway with the heating pad so your dog can move over if he finds it too warm. 

Lastly, NEVER give your dog human painkillers! 

Please consult your veterinarian if your dog is suffering from Osteoarthritis.

hemp for dogs with arthritis - an infographic of how CBD works in dogs


All information in the article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.

58 thoughts on “CBD For Dogs With Osteoarthritis – What Really Works”

  1. Thank you for the information. I was investigating a potential system to be on the eye for. I own a 10-year-old choc lab and she is getting a bit long in the tooth. Walks seem to be a lot slower but thankfully none of the symptoms of osteoarthritis seems to be affecting her. 

    • Thanks for commenting, Brian. Keep an eye out for symptoms because your dog is starting its advanced years

  2. Hi Sonny, It is frightening to think that twenty percent of dogs over the age of 7 years in the USA, have osteoarthritis. 

    We had a big dog, an Alsatian cross breed, that was certainly suffering from joint pains and used to cry when he had to get up. The vet kept on prescibing very expensive medication to help easy the joint pains. He unfortunate died last year, at the age of 15, but next time I will know better and just reach for the CBD oil for dogs.

    I think it is awesome that CBD oil can successfully be used for dogs and certainly better for them than chemically made pharmaceuticals. 

  3. hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online, these content has really been useful to me a lot, I plan on saving it so as to come back for future reference, cause this post is really amazing, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  4. Wow, I can’t wait to try CBD oil on my golden retriever, are there any brands you would recommend? All the symptoms you describe in your article are exactly what my 9-year-old dog has been developing over the years. Regular drugs, prescribed by the vet, make him lethargic as hell. I don’t think CBD oil would do that? I am sure going to give it a try, my dog is suffering still at the moment, it is so very sad to see him in pain.

    • Mission Farms and CBD Essence are also great brands, Lizzy. What matters most is where the raw materials were sourced, how they were grown and processed. Thanks for commenting and I hope your Golden Retriever gets well soon. 


  5. A have a friend who caters his dog with CBD. I was astounded when he told me that his dog has arthritis. I almost laughed. But I did not. It could be embarrassing. He explained seriously though that CBD improved the dog’s arthritic condition.

    When I asked him about the probable cause of his pet’s arthritis, he believes that it could be the dog’s diet. He changed the diet to be more “vegetarian” instead of “meaty” dog food.

    After six months, his dog is more playful and active than ever before. CBD works!!!

    • Your friend was right – Diet plays a huge role in a dog’s health(and humans too). And yes, CBD works!


  6. This is such an interesting topic. It’s not something I would normally expect to give my dog but after reading this I can understand the benefits it can have for our domestic animals. Can anyone recommend me which hemp brands they used for their pets as I am keen to help my dog.

    My dog has been suffering with anxiety for about 2 years which has been difficult. Realising that hemp products can help keep my dogs anxiety at bay has made me feel so much better. They aren’t even expensive to by and they last for ages but I just need some guidance on which brand is the best. 

    Great article though!

  7. I have been wondering about CBD oil for my corgi. He just turned 1 and is still full of piss and vinegar. But I’d like to keep him this way. I also liked the section on what food is and isn’t good for him. I have a cat that is starting to exhibit signs of arthritis. I am glad CBD could work for her. The only thing is that it is cost prohibitive.

    • Hi Jim, 

      as with all things, high quality is never cheap. And cheap things are never high quality.

      And yes, it works with all mammals including cats and humans. Even horses.


  8. This article hits home. My dog was always lethargic and didn’t want to exercise. I tried everything even took him to the vet multiple times to see what was wrong. I ended up using CBD and everything you mentioned would happen did happen. My dog started being active again, more attentive and improved his mobility. This is a great article and you’re doing a good thing bringing this to light. Good job.

    • Thanks for commenting, Brandon. Im glad you found the article useful.

      I’m happy CBD oil helped with your dog’s mobility!


  9. Hi,

    I have been paying more attention to my dog these days as I’m staying at home. Not that I didn’t pay attention to him when I was working but I get to spend with him more time now.

    I have seen how osteoarthritis has really affected him. And it makes me sad. I was telling this to a friend of mine and she said CBD helped pets to be more animated and more attentive. And I came to your post and you say the same thing. I think I’ll try and see if it works with Sparkie.

    • Hi Ann, 

      I hope you and Sparkie are keeping well. 

      CBD oil from HempMyPet has been proven to help with osteoarthritis and it helps with a host of other things.

      Thanks for commenting!


  10. Hello there, an interesting article you have got there.

    I have read about CBD hemp oil to be useful for other purposes. To heal pains of arthritis in dogs is an amazing quality. I have a dog named Snoopy, if I noticed any of the symptoms mentioned in the article in my dog, I sure know what to use!

    Thanks for sharing this information with me.

  11. Am a lover of pets, dogs to be precise and at this very moment I have two dogs a German Shepherd and a bull dog…I take good care of them like almost as I do to my kids cos I really consider family. I have had the German Shepherd for about 3years and the bull for 1year and counting Am very familiar with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis cos my doctor once in while gives me lessons on how to look out for such pains and discomfort on my pets and I do really look out for them…I must say a big appreciation for your time and effort towards sharing article like this

  12. Hi there thanks for this educative article. It’s really nice I must commend you. Well, arthritis and osteoarthritis are but related to joint issues or problems. When these joint issues occur in dogs, it can be really painful and likely to have difficulties in walking. I think CBD has been really helpful in fighting this challenge in dogs.

  13. Wow I didn’t know that arthritis in dogs were that common. I know that CBD has a lot of uses for humans so it makes sense that it would help animals too. I wonder why a small minority of dogs don’t respond to CBD treat though. But if it works for a majority of them then that’s good enough, I bet it’ll also work for cats and other pet animals too. Thanks for the tips on how to avoid arthritis and treat it, I’ll check out My Hemp My Pet.

    • Hi,

      I also wondered what happened to the other 2 dogs. It’s possible they had advanced cases and other health issues as well.

      Thanks for commenting


  14. The information is interesting! I was unaware of the differences between arthritis and osteoarthritis. As well, I had not contemplated that this may be an issue with dogs! I read over the symptoms as well, and as I scrolled down I viewed where CBD is helpful for our furry family members! This is wonderful! Pain management is essential for our furry loved ones too!

  15. As someone who had dogs before, I can completely relate to this article. One of my dogs before was born with unbent joints in both her hind legs. She cannot bend them and she is not growing in size. I am not sure if this is related to arthritis or even osteoarthritis, but I can completely relate to this article when she was still with us. I really like the article as it is concise and well-detailed.

    • Hi Lemuel, I honestly think CBD would have helped if your dog was in some form of pain or discomfort. 

      Thanks for commenting

  16. We have recently lost our dog but he suffered with Osteoarthritis as he got older. He also suffered with Kidney disease. We used a product called you Move to help with his joint pain and we got limited results. I run a health site and we advertise and review a lot of CBD products for human consumption so I am not surprised to hear about CBD products for animals. Legal CBD products are safe and offer no real risk of side effects. You could say it is a natural supplement that can really help with pain and inflammation. These products will also help with relaxation of your pet. I wish these products had been available when my dog was suffering. Thanks for all of the other health tips regarding pain avoidance for dogs that are suffering as well. We found swimming to be an excellent low impact exercise and really found that this increased joint flexibility. We also moved our dog to a diet with more natural foods and different treat like cucumber and carrot. We found that the holistic approach worked well. Regards Mark 

    • Hi Mark, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s passing. I hope you’re coping. 

      You’re right – CBD is a natural supplement that helps with pain and inflammation.

      Thanks for commenting!


  17. I suffer from Osteoarthritis, until I had a hip replacement, I had to walk with a walking stick.  Its painful.  The fact that our dogs do too, is perhaps not fully understood, you have explained clearly the causes and symptoms that dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis are going through. The meme listing possible indicators is really useful and clear. I can relate directly to a number of them. Its really encouraging to read that CBD helps with symptoms.  The 93% statistic is an impressive statistic confirming this. The list of breeds that can suffer from this condition is also really clear and helpful so that owners can watch for the symptoms you describe.  I´m saving your url, not just for our dog, but also for us.  I suspect CBD may help with my own condition on the other hip.  Thank you.  This is a genuinely helpful site that I will return to.

    • Hi Trevor, sorry to hear you have Osteoarthritis. I can imagine it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. I highly suggest you explore human grade CBD. It may offer you much needed relief.

      Thanks for commenting!


  18. Very good to know that there is CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis. I live in a country where almost all people have dogs. I am going to advise my opposite neighbor to use CBD on their black Labrador, which looks really bad. And I will warn our other neighbor that their white Labrador is prone to this disease as it is getting old and way too fat. Thanks for the useful tips as well.

    • Hi Jerry, I’m quite sure CBD would do those dogs some good especially the fat one. lol! 

      Thanks for commenting!


  19. I just recently lost my Corgi to degenerative myelopathy and it just broke my heart seeing her trying to walk after being a very active dog for almost 13 years. I tried all kinds of therapy for her, but so far there isn’t anything that can really be done to even slow the disease down. I even took her to a vet-chiropractor that also did acupuncture. To back up a bit, right now, there is no real “test” to identify the disease before death. So that’s why I tried the chiropractor and acupuncture on her just in case it was a pinched nerve. Anyway, one thing I didn’t try on her was CBD. Maybe it would have slowed down her decline? Thankfully there is no pain when it comes to DM. 

    Do you have any idea as to why purebred dogs are more susceptible to osteoarthritis over mix-breeds? All I know is that when I am able to get a new pup, she will be a mutt!

    • Hello Carrie, 

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it can be terribly difficult to lose a beloved pet. 

      I haven’t heard of CBD for DM but it may make her feel more comfortable in other ways. 

      What I heard is that purebreeds are subjected to intense interbreeding which causes all sorts of maladies down the 

      line. Thanks for commenting!


  20. Sometimes we often forget that dogs are also susceptible to a lot of disease that affect humans too with Osteoarthritis being one of them. It is great that you provided some ways in which pet owners can help their dog with the pain. I agree that swimming and other low impact exercises can definitely help. Some athletes who go through rehabilitation from injuries also use water exercises to help so that shows it works. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 

    • Thanks, Tosyn. You’re right – hydrotherapy is also effective in treating injuries. 

      Thanks for commenting!


  21. Amazing that CBD is for dogs too.  I must admit I always thought it was just for humans, for anxiety and Inflammatory pain.  I think it’s difficult to know the correct dose for humans.  Is that the same for dogs I wonder, checking with the vet would be necessary. Appreciate the information.

  22. My dog Bo suffered from arthritis in his later years. But this was before Gabapentin and CBD oils were available. We gave him some ibuprofen to keep him mobile and for a few years it worked. Bo was half Doberman and half German Shepard so we considered him a large breed. If CBD oi;s existed back then I’m sure we would have tried it. I really miss that dog.

    • Your dog was definitely a large dog breed. Too bad he passed before CBD became mainstream.

      Thanks for commenting


  23. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article and for me it is the first time I find out that CBD Help with Osteoarthritis.
    It is very interesting that after the studies, the percentage is so high in dogs that had positive results 93%.
    I believe that Hemp (CBD) Oil is the perfect product for everyone who has dogs. I have a Labrador and for me it is very important that my dog be properly cared for.
    If in the last days I also bought CBD oil for sports performance and faster recovery, now I will do it for my dog. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  24. Great post – very informative. Wish we’d had this information for the later years of our Dalmatian, Georgie who may have benefited from CBD oil instead of Gabapentin. Also found your post to be really helpful in terms of heat pads and foods to feed and avoid. Cheryl 05 April 2020

  25. I didn’t know dogs can get arthritis or even osteoarthritis. Maybe because they don’t talk to us, humans. But the way you explained it by understanding what their symptoms are and more importantly there is a treatment for this, that’s so awesome. It’s very humane and you did a great job in explaining problem with easy to understand infographic and best part is your provided a solution. Curious is this also apply to cats?

    • Yes, and even horses!

      It’s because mammals have Endocannabinoid receptors including us humans. Thanks for commenting!

  26. Hello there thanks for this wonderful review.its very good  to know that CBD can heal worsen and painful osteoarthritis in dogs.CBD can also help regulate your dog’s gut making it easy for digestion more efficiently and also increase appetite giving them the proper boost of energy they need to get out of bed I do recommend CBD oil.

  27. My dog is still just about 2 years old and hardly gets sick or maybe I fail to see the symptoms and at times it gets me worried that may be I’m just the one who miss the symptoms. Bit with the symptoms here I think I can be able to tell if the dog is suffering from osteoarthritis. I also didn’t know that keto works on dogs too. Thank you for all these tips and how to help my dog when sick will make sure I keep taking it to the vet just to make sure. 

  28. Hello Sonny, i have always been very careful with what I feel my bod with to avoid obesity which I know could lead to this joint problem, but still, there is more to learn and I am happy to learn them here. I can imagine the pain our buddy will be passing through when the situation is osteoarthritis. My dog gets inflammation some times and she is placed on that for days before she is able to move properly, so I wouldn’t want her to experience worse. Sadly she gets some sunflower oil in her meals and I will see to it stop. Thanks for the help with the suggestion of CBD product 

    • Sunflower oil can cause inflammation in both dogs and humans. Im glad you found the article useful

  29. CBD has been said to be able to deal with a whole number of health issues but I would have never thought that it would be able to deal with issues relating to osteoarthritis in dogs. I have seen a number of very obese dogs and I’m not sure they do have this issue. Currently, I’m trying to make research on if CBD is good for dogs because I use it too. 

  30. Actually! I’m happy cbd can work for such a deteriorating and pain filled situation for dogs as this osteoarthritis. My dog has been really encountering quite lot of difficulties in getting up and she is visibly in pain. Hence, I decided to visit the vet who diagnosed her. Seeing the cbd option here makes me more delighted because I know how effective cbd oil works. Thanks

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