Do Dogs Get Dementia? – 16 important signs To Know

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Do dogs get dementia? Also known as CCD, it can be emotionally devastating to see your pet start to mentally decline. As a result, you may feel helpless as you see your dog display signs of dementia such as not responding to being called simply because your pet forgot its name.

Do Dogs Get Dementia – What is CCD?

CCD is an acronym for Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. It is a broad term for a number of symptoms. It is caused mainly by chemical and physical changes in the brain.

Unfortunately, there is no known cause. It is not reversible though it can be prevented and minimized. 

The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science states that similar changes in humans with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are seen in dogs with CCD.

Do dogs get dementia – What Are the Symptoms of CCD?

  • Aimless wandering
  • Anxiety – barking, whining, crying for no apparent reason
  • Pacing back and forth or in circles
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Increased aggression
  • Losing basic motor skills – frequently getting stuck behind furniture
  • Stopped responding to their name
  • Seemingly forgetting commands
  • Staring at walls
  • Lethargy
  • Increased daytime sleeping
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased accidents in the house/forgetting house rules
  • Forgetting people they once knew
  • Decreased ability to learn
  • Forgetting their owners


Mild – Few symptoms in the early stages are seen except increased daytime sleeping and a change in social interaction. You may find your dog not to be as social as before. This also means that few dogs are diagnosed at this stage.

Moderate – Symptoms include soiling in the house and increased activity at night.

Severe – Includes symptoms in the first two stages plus increased soiling and wandering aimlessly and increased barking through the night. You may also see your dog staring at walls for no apparent reason.


There is currently no available data to suggest that this condition is fatal. However, it is reported that many owners resort to putting their dogs to sleep because of the emotional distress they feel when they witness their dogs mentally decline, including forgetting their owners.

Dementia will not shorten a dog’s lifespan. If anything, it may even increase it due to the extra care that owners give them.

What Medication Is Used In CCD?

A common drug used is ANIPRYL. It is FDA approved and is also used in Cushing’s disease. It is also used in humans suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and has been found to help dogs with Dementia. However, it has been shown to cause seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, increased aggression among others.

How Can I Help My Dog With Dementia?

  • Exercise is important for dogs especially at this stage. Walking helps with blood circulation in the brain. Stopping every so often to smell the environment helps stimulate the mind.
  • Avoid rearranging furniture in as much as possible to prevent your dog from getting confused. Eliminate obstacles and remove clutter around the house. Dogs with dementia lose their basic motor skills and may easily get stuck behind furniture.
  • Leave a lamp on at night to prevent your dog from getting disoriented if they wake up at night.
  • Dogs with CCD frequently wake up at night and are mostly asleep during the day. This is called Sundowning where they confuse day and night. Melatonin may help your dog sleep at night. Speak to your veterinarian to get a proper dose.
  • Senior dogs will most definitely appreciate soft bedding. This will also help with their joints.
  • Brain games for dogs will help stimulate their mind.

How Can I Prevent Dementia In Dogs?

In one study, older adults are four times more likely to develop MCI (mild cognitive impairment) when they consumed too many carbohydrates.

Dog food typically contains up to 50% carbohydrates.

Diet plays a big role in a dog’s(and human) mental health. Feed a dog whole foods like lean meat, omega 3’s from cold-water fish like salmon and sardines, and avoid feeding too many carbohydrates.

Carnitine, DHA, Ginseng, Vitamin C, and E from fruits and vegetables are good for brain health.

Full Spectrum CBD and MCT oil from Coconut has also been shown to be beneficial for brain health and can be used as a preventative measure.

Apart from brain health, learn more benefits of Hemp in dogs here.

do dogs get dementia? an image of HempMyPet CBD infused with Hemp

Hemp is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and has been proven to help with brain function. 

Homeopathy can help dogs with a myriad of conditions.

The main ingredient in BrainPet is Bacopa monnieri (also known as Brahmi) which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. All animals can benefit from this remedy including cats and horses.

It’s been shown to improve brain function, memory, and focus for aging animals.

HomeoAnimal has 450 remedies available which can be used as an alternative to prescription medicine.

do dogs get dementia? an image of BrainPet by Homeoanimal. A holistic remedy for dogs

Final Take Away

The sad answer to, “Do dogs gets dementia?”, is yes, and to see your dog go through this kind of mental decline can be heart-breaking for any dog owner. There is no known cause and unfortunately, it’s nonreversible.

The positive thing to take away from this is that you can take action to avoid or prolong your dog’s cognitive abilities by feeding him a holistic diet and give him plenty of exercise. All the time, make sure you provide your dog with lots of positive mental stimulation.


All information in the article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.

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  1. Great information! Dog owner’s should be made aware of this. I can’t imagine my dog going through those symptoms. I wish their was a way to check on puppies who may have high chances of having it in the future. is it common in a specific breed? Maybe with smaller or larger dogs?

    • All breeds can get Dementia. Proper diet and exercise plus lots of mental stimulation may help ward it off

  2. Dogs are just like humans. They will fall sick and suffer from diseases that human suffers too. As noted in the articles on the various diseases that the dog may suffer,  it is really pitiful. Therefore we must really take care of them, pay more attention to see if they are sick or suffer from the diseases and have them properly treated and cure. Good article.

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