Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons & Why?

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Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? The simple answer is yes, they do!

Dogs are mammals, and like all mammals, their bodies go through three major stages of development:

  • Embryo (Stage 1)
  • Fetus (Stage 2)
  • Newborn (Stage 3)

In this blog post, we will be discussing dogs and their belly buttons. Why they’re important, how to find them, and what to do if your dog has a faulty one.

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Dogs have belly buttons, as do most other mammals! If you’ve ever seen a puppy being born, you may have noticed an umbilical cord attached to their stomach! This is where all of the nutrients are magically delivered to them in the womb.

newborn puppy with an umbilical cord

*** If you’ve got a sensitive stomach, or you’re currently eating, you may want to skip this next bit.***

Usually, a few days after the birth, the mother will chew off the stump of the umbilical cord. Now the pup is fully free of the cord, the belly button will heal up.

If you’re feeling a little sick after that, we did warn you!

Where is My Dogs Belly Button?  

Not sure where to find your furry friend’s belly button?

Do dogs have Belly Buttons -Dog lying on his back with question marks

The belly button is located on your dog’s stomach, right after where their rib cage ends (in the middle).

It’s not easy to see a dogs belly button visually as it’s just a faint scar that’s covered in fur.

Your best opportunity to actually see it is when your dog is still a puppy. At this stage, your puppy’s fur hasn’t grown over it yet.

puppy lying on his back with a ring around his belly button

If you’re looking for an older dog’s belly button, it may be a bit harder to find. Over time, as the puppy matures into a full-grown dog, the fur spreads and covers their stomach.

In this case, you can try locating it by parting the fur and looking for a small dimple.

Locating a dog’s belly button is like wearing a blindfold in an archery competition, it may take many attempts before you find the target.

Target with missed arrows on a white background

What is a Dog’s Belly Button and Why Do They Have One?

A dog’s belly button is a small flat scar on the skin of the stomach. It marks where the umbilical cord was used to attach the puppy to its mother.

When in the womb, the umbilical cord provides all essential nutrients from the mother before the puppy is born.

puppy with umbilical cord still attached

If your dog’s belly button is still visible, it means that they’re still a young adult. This shows that they have been weaned from their mother for less than three months.

In older dogs, the belly button fades away under a carpet of fur. If you can’t locate their belly button by sight alone – you’ll need to feel around to find it.

do dogs have belly buttons - hand feeling around in the fur

A dog’s belly button is also known as an umbilicus or navel. Both words mean the same thing – a small depression in your skin where there once used to be something attached.

How Many Belly Buttons Do Dogs Have?

Like all mammals, dogs have just one belly button.

puppy showing one belly button

If your furry friend seems to have two belly buttons then they were likely born with extra tissue around this area.

Why Does my Dog Have a Belly Button?

Dogs have belly buttons because they are mammals and all mammals develop inside of their mothers before birth.

Dogs belly buttons are where the umbilical cord was attached to the fetus. Some of the tissue from this area doesn’t fully fall off of the body.

newborn puppy being held

This creates a small flat scar that forms what we call a belly button.

Do Dogs Belly Buttons Go Away?

Dogs’ belly buttons do not go away, they are left behind after birth. This is because a tiny amount of the tissue that was once connected to their mothers is leftover during development.

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t affect the way they feel or act. Most people can’t even see them without looking very closely at their fur.

do dogs have belly buttons - dog with long fur

A dog’s belly button is very faint and doesn’t have any nerve endings. This means that your dog won’t feel anything if you touch or poke at it.

Just to be clear, we really don’t recommend that you poke at your dog’s belly button.

Do dogs have belly buttons - don't poke them hand

That would be a bit weird.

Also, it can cause an infection, irritation, or injury should the skin become broken and bacteria get inside.

Just don’t do it.

Do Dogs Have a Lump Where Their Belly Button Is?

No, there will not be a lump where your dog’s belly button is located. This is because it is just a scar on their skin.

dog dogs have belly buttons - dog with flat scar for a belly button

However, if you do happen to feel a lump, it could indicate an umbilical hernia or some other medical problem. This will cause something to swell up from the belly button area.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Belly Button

Put that mop and bucket away!!

man holding cleaning equipment

You do not need to clean your dog’s belly button.

The only reason it would ever need to be cleaned is if something got inside. A completely improbable scenario, but it would be dangerous for your dog, and would need attention.

In the highly unlikely event that something does get inside, do not attempt to clean it by yourself. You don’t want to make things worse and get anything else stuck inside of it.

do dogs have belly buttons - vet treating a dog

This is a job best performed by a qualified veterinarian.

Why Does My Dog’s Belly Button Stick Out?

The reason a dog’s belly button might stick out is that they have excess skin in the abdominal area. This might be from being obese or from having extra skin folds when born.

do dogs have belly buttons - puppy in a hand with a red ring around the belly button

Dogs with excess skin might also have other medical problems. If this is the case with your dog, take them to the vet and have them check for potential issues.

Another reason your dog might have a protruding belly button is that they have a hernia. A hernia is where part of the intestine has pushed through an opening in the muscles and skin. This will cause a protrusion to appear on your dog’s stomach.

Don’t try to push it back yourself, as you might cause serious damage. Take your dog straight to the vet so they can fix them up with minimal risk of complications!

Common Causes of An Inflamed or Infected Dog’s Belly Button

Dogs can have an inflamed or infected belly button for the following reasons:

  • The belly button is a skin fold that can become infected or inflamed if not cleaned regularly.
  • A dog might have allergies and be chewing at their belly button, which causes sores.
  • Dogs with excess skin may also have poor circulation in the area of their belly button. This can cause a yeast infection to appear.
  • Some breeds of dogs may be more susceptible to belly button infections.

Should your dog’s belly button become inflamed or infected, take them to the veterinarian immediately.


Dogs do indeed have belly buttons. Unfortunately, you can’t switch them on and off using them, nor do they have volume control.

It can be hard to find them because their belly buttons are usually hidden behind fur. Nevertheless, there are ways to uncover them, as we mentioned earlier in the article.

Do dogs have belly buttons - hairy dog showing their belly

Dogs’ belly buttons can sometimes stick out if they have a hernia or excess skin in the abdominal area. This can lead to infections and inflammation for various reasons, such as poor circulation, or if your dog licks it constantly.

If you suspect that your dog has a problem belly button, don’t try to self-diagnose, or attempt home treatment without first consulting a qualified veterinarian.

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.

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