Homeopathy for Pica in Dogs: Stop Compulsive Eating

homeopathy for pica in dogs, showing a dog chewing on a plastic bottle indoors.

Homeopathy for pica in dogs offers a gentle approach to addressing their unusual eating habits, like consuming non-food items, like dirt or plastic. This method uses natural substances in small doses, aiming to restore balance and reduce the compulsion to eat harmful objects. It’s tailored to each dog’s specific needs, with the hope of improving … Read more

CBD for Dog Anxiety: Effective Natural Relief Methods

A dog curious about a bottle of CBD.

CBD for dog anxiety is a choice many are exploring to help their pets deal with stress and anxiety. This approach is noted for its potential to soothe without the harsh side effects sometimes seen with other treatments. If your dog struggles with anxiety, looking into CBD might offer a supportive way to help them … Read more

My Dog’s Stomach is Gurgling Very Loudly

dog lying down with a rumbly belly

My dog’s stomach is gurgling very loudly, is it serious? The good news is that it’s normal for a dog’s stomach to make some audible intestinal noises, and for the majority of cases, there’s nothing to worry about. However, we all worry ourselves sick about our dogs from time to time, especially if we suspect … Read more

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons & Why?

dog lying on his back in the garden

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? The simple answer is yes, they do! Dogs are mammals, and like all mammals, their bodies go through three major stages of development: In this blog post, we will be discussing dogs and their belly buttons. Why they’re important, how to find them, and what to do if your dog … Read more

Why Do Dogs Snore? What You Need to Know

why do dogs snore - dog lying in bed with a cuddly toy

Is your home shaking as you struggle to hear anything over the sound of your sleeping dog? A snoring dog is a common problem for many pet owners, But why do dogs snore? Why does my dog snore so much? Why does my dog only snore when she sleeps on her back? You may have … Read more

Best 6 natural Alternatives to Benadryl for dogs

Alternatives to Benadryl for Dogs - dog on a green background outside

Benadryl is a common medication used for calming anxious dogs. However, there are alternatives that can be just as effective and they do not involve chemicals or side effects. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 natural alternatives to Benadryl for dogs. Let’s face it, Benadryl is not the best choice for dogs with … Read more

When Do Dogs Stop Growing? The Growth of a Dog

Puppy and adult touching noses - When do dogs stop growing - When do dogs stop growing - when do dogs stop growing

When do dogs stop growing? It’s a very important question for most families. To many of us, dogs are a vital member of the family, it can be a total surprise just how big our little bundles of fur and teeth can get. When your dog is young you may even wonder when do they … Read more

Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass? Things to Know


Why do dogs roll in the grass? Dogs do this for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are trying to cool themselves down, other times they may be trying to get rid of an itch or enjoying the feel and smell of freshly cut grass! In this article, we explore our dog’s universal instinct to … Read more

Natural Antibiotics for Dogs – The Top 6 Alternatives

Natural Antibiotics for dogs

Natural antibiotics for dogs are the natural equivalent to the medical antibiotics usually prescribed by veterinarians. Although Medical antibiotics are highly successful for many illnesses, as dog owners, we should be aware of the downsides too. Firstly, backed by a host of researches, it’s been shown that dogs may develop antibiotic resistance fairly quickly. The … Read more

Can Dogs Get Hiccups? Causes and ways to Stop it

CAN DOGS GET HICCUPS - dog with hiccups

Can dogs get hiccups? Yes, they can. Hiccupping in dogs is usually triggered by something that causes irritation to their diaphragm muscles. Dogs with hiccups may also have other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and refusing food. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about how a dog gets hiccups and what … Read more

What is a Dog Panic Attack? Signs and ways to help

dog panic attack - scared dog

A panic attack is a natural response to an overwhelming stimulus that causes many dogs to experience extreme fear. Symptoms include shaking, drooling, panting, and hiding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what they are, how they can be treated, and ways you can help your furry friend if he or she regularly suffers from a … Read more

Can Dogs Cry? The Real Reason Dogs shed A tear

German Shepard with tears running down face

Can dogs cry? Our furry friends show all kinds of emotions we recognize, from happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Their emotions can be so deep and multifaceted, that they can also suffer from anxiety and depression. Do these intense feelings result in tears? Can dogs cry? Can Dogs cry? A dog’s brain works in a … Read more

Dog Anxiety Disorder – 15 Signs to Recognize

Stressed anxious dog in the woods

A dog anxiety disorder is probably the last thing you expected when you welcomed your new bundle of fluff into your life. Dog anxiety disorder can suddenly strike when you least expect it and at the most inconvenient times.  It may even come as a surprise that dogs can experience a mental condition like an anxiety disorder, but it’s … Read more

Dogs with Floppy Ears, The real reasons for them!

floppy eared basset hound

Dogs with floppy ears take cuteness to a whole new level, but have you ever wondered why certain breeds have floppy ears? Did you know that only one wild animal has naturally floppy ears?! And no, it’s not a dog. It’s the elephant! Wolves, the direct ancestors of the domesticated dog have always had erect ears. This leaves … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks? -Things you need to know

Why do dogs like sticks?

Why do dogs like sticks? We buy our furry friends the best quality chew toys, that are clean, hard-wearing, and suitably squeaky enough to drive us mad when chewed on for a ridiculously long time. So why do our dogs happily abandon their favorite squeaky toys for a big muddy, half-chewed stick? Fortunately, in this … Read more

Why is it Important to Exercise Your Dog?

Exercise Your Dog - dog walking in a large grassy field

As dog owners, it is natural to walk your dog each day. Walking forms part of your normal daily routine, but have you considered why those walks are so important? Do we really need them and what purpose do they serve? Well, It’s incredibly important to exercise your dog with regular walks because it’s vital … Read more

Bark Potty – For when Your Dog really Needs to Go!

A dog in desperate need of a Bark Potty. Labrador lying next to lots of white toilet rolls.

We all worry about our furry friends when we go out to work. Especially, if we have to leave them at home for long periods. In theory, your dog should be fine, they’ve got food, water, and they’ve had a nice walk. However, there’s always that nagging doubt that your dog is at home, cross-legged, … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Solutions

happy corgie with a big smile

Separation anxiety in dogs is probably the last thing we’re thinking of when we wake up in the morning. Especially when we’re bleary-eyed, hair fashionably vertical on one side, and with breath that could floor a Rhino. So, it’s actually a comfort to know that our loyal dogs are excited to see us. They hang … Read more

Pancreatitis in Dogs – Causes, Signs & Treatment

PANCREATITIS IN DOGS - a tired cock spaniel, lying on a quilt

Imagine Scooter, a lovable nine-year-old Cocker Spaniel with a few extra pounds. He loves longs walks on the leash, following scents on a whim, and all the table scraps he can get.  And because of several risk factors, he is also a potential target for pancreatitis in dogs. WHAT IS PANCREATITIS in dogs? The pancreas … Read more

Sounds That Dogs Hate – Noise Phobia in Dogs

happy alert dog

Does your dog show signs of fear at certain noises? Or perhaps scared for seemingly no reason? If so, your beloved companion may be suffering from a noise phobia. Dogs have drastically more sensitive hearing than humans, and certain sounds that dogs hate may even trigger a fear reaction in them. This article will cover … Read more

Giving Dogs Benadryl, Is it Safe?

Giving dogs Benadryl - dog sedated on a couch

Is giving dogs Benadryl safe?  – Giving dogs Benadryl is safe as long as you use it carefully, and your dog doesn’t have a pre-existing medical condition. It’s also advisable to check with a vet before giving it to your furry best friend. Giving Dogs Benadryl  – What is it? You can usually find Benadryl … Read more

Thundershirt for Dogs – Do They Really Work?

thundershirt for dogs - happy dog in front of a lake

Does your dog get anxious easily? Thundershirt for dogs is a practical solution that can change your pet’s life virtually overnight. But do Thundershirts work? Yes, Thundershirts exert gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, simulating a comforting hug. This approach soothes anxious dogs quickly and effectively, eliminating the need for medication. It’s a proven, … Read more

Anise for Dogs – Is it Dognip?

Anise for dogs - Dog calmly lying down on the garden lawn

Is there dognip? Everybody’s heard of Catnip, and the almost magical effect on cats. Anise for dogs is often rumored to produce similar results on our canine friends, but is it dognip?  The seeds obtained from the anise plant are the main ingredients used in the product anise. It has historically been used as herbal … Read more

Chamomile for Dogs – Is it Safe?

White dog sitting in front of a tree between chamomile plants

Many people don’t realize the amazing benefits Chamomile for dogs contains. Chamomile is a surprisingly versatile plant that is both good for your dog’s health and mental wellbeing. Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. Throughout the ages, Chamomile has been used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and other ailments. It was obtained from the dried … Read more

Why Do Dogs Yawn? … and What It Really Means

tan coloured dog lying in the grass and yawning

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that many of us wish our dogs were able to talk. We could even argue that we already have deeper conversations with our furry friends than our partners. It may be surprising to know that dogs talk to us all the time, through body language. An important aspect … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass …and is it safe?

why do dogs eat grass - dog eating long grass

Have you started noticing your dog suddenly eating a lot of grass? Maybe this has become a major concern for you. Trust me, you are not the only one puzzled and concerned about this strange habit. So why do dogs eat grass? Your dog eats grass mainly because he feels the physical need or has … Read more

Catnip For Dogs – Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?

catnip for dogs - calm dog asleep

I’m sure you’ve been curious from time to time about Catnip and wondered what on earth it is. Catnip is a type of herb that belongs to the mint family, and pet owners throughout the world feed these amazing leaves to their cats for its health benefits. However, it’s because of the incredible relaxing properties … Read more

Dog Panting: Why They Do It And How to Fix It

Whenever our dogs do something new or act strangely, our pet parent senses start overloading. We tend to worry and worry until we solve what’s going on, even if it’s something seemingly harmless like a dog panting. If your dog constantly or intermittently pants day and night, we might wonder, “why is my dog panting … Read more

The Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Vet with healthy, happy golden retriever

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CBD OIL FOR DOGS? The benefits of CBD oil for dogs is best illustrated by understanding what CBD is, and where it comes from. CBD oil is created by the extraction of CBD, or cannabinoids. There are 113 different variations of CBD contained within the Cannabis plant. When extracted, the … Read more

Dog Car Anxiety – How To Fix It

Are you trying your absolute best to cope with your dog’s intense fear of travel, but you just don’t know how to help cure dog car anxiety? Does it seem like every car ride, no matter how short, is incredibly stressful for you and your dog? How to Calm a Dog in the Car Why … Read more

What are mango worms in dogs?

mango worms - image showing a sick dog in a blanket

Being a pet parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a person. Owning a dog has proven health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Dogs make us happy, but sometimes, dogs can give us a whole new type of stress when they get sick or have parasites. It’s particularly … Read more

Do Dogs Get Dementia? – 16 important signs To Know

Do dogs get dementia? Also known as CCD, it can be emotionally devastating to see your pet start to mentally decline. As a result, you may feel helpless as you see your dog display signs of dementia such as not responding to being called simply because your pet forgot its name. Do Dogs Get Dementia – … Read more

How To Know If Your Dog Is In Pain – 20 Telltale Signs

how to tell if my dog is in pain- an image of a dog lying on its side

Does your pet look a little under the weather? Learn how to know if your dog is in pain by looking for signs and symptoms. Is your dog acting out of character? It’s too bad that dogs can’t tell us what’s bothering them which makes it difficult to diagnose. It’s like trying to figure out … Read more

CBD For Dogs With Osteoarthritis – What Really Works

CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis - a senior labrador retriever

Is your dog suffering from joint pain? Learn about CBD for dogs with Osteoarthritis. What is the Difference Between Arthritis and Osteoarthritis? Arthritis is generally defined as inflammation of the joints while Osteoarthritis is the damage or deterioration of cartilage between the joints. This cartilage acts as a cushion or shock absorber between joints and … Read more

Are Shock Collars Cruel? – 15 Reasons Not To Use It

are shock collars cruel? an image of an adult german shepherd

Do you regret the day you decided to get a dog? Is your dog a destructive menace or a nuisance barker? It can be really frustrating and I don’t blame you for thinking of using a shock collar.  If you want to find out if shock cllars are cruel before using it as a training … Read more

Things That Are Poisonous to Dogs- What Every Pet Owner Should Know

things that are toxic to dogs

Dogs aren’t known for being Connoisseurs of fine cuisine, they just love chewing stuff. It really doesn’t matter how valuable, dangerous or disgusting it is. You name it, and your average dog will attempt to either eat it or chew it to bits. Since our dogs have such a cavalier, devil-may-care attitude to what they … Read more

Is Your Dog Nervous? Homeopathy for Dogs with Anxiety

homeopathy and dogs with anxiety- a picture of a well behaved dog looking up. Sitting on grass

Dogs can experience anxiety for many reasons, such as changes in routine, loud noises, or being left alone. It can be really tough to manage, and it’s not always easy to find the right solution.  Fear in dogs can lead to all sorts of problems, including destructive behavior, excessive barking or whining, and even accidents in … Read more

Leaky Gut in Dogs – The Hidden Epidemic

When talking about the condition of leaky gut in dogs, it good to start with knowing what happens in a healthy gut. The gut is an ecosystem that is host to trillions of bacteria known as the Microbiome. In a healthy gut, these large and diverse colonies of beneficial bacteria keep the harmful bacteria, parasites, … Read more

Probiotics and Dogs – Can Good Bacteria Help my Pet?

Probiotic - close up black dog

A healthy gut can be likened to weeds in a garden. If a lawn is healthy, few weeds can grow because healthy grass will crowd out the weed, barely giving it space to grow.  There are 10 times more bacteria in a dog’s gut than there are cells in his body. There are roughly 100 … Read more

Is Adaptil Safe for Dogs?

What is Adaptil For Dogs? Adaptil for dogs mimics the appeasing pheromones produced by a dog’s mother to calm her puppies and give them a sense of reassurance and belonging.  This pheromone basically tells your dog, puppy or adult, that everything is alright. The pheromones are specific to dogs and will not have any effect … Read more

Is Nylabone Safe For Dogs?

Nylabone for dogs is a very popular chew item that is found in countless pet stores throughout the country. We often assume that the products we buy from these establishments are rigorously tested. However, next time you visit the pet store and are contemplating buying one, maybe take the time to ask the question, Is … Read more

What Not To Feed A Dog – Top 24 Foods

What not to feed a dog - dog waiting patiently for his food

They’re fun, they’re playful and they’ll even fetch the paper if there’s a biscuit in the deal, but can you truly trust your dog to make sensible decisions? Dogs make dubious choices in life, and it’s a wonder sometimes that the species has lasted so long. How many times has your fluffy best friend enjoyed … Read more

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