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How to get a neighbors dog to stop barking, it’s an annoying issue we all have to deal with from time to time.

Are you at your wit’s end because the only sound you can hear is your neighbors dog barking endlessly?

Did you know that the average dog bark starts at 60 decibels? That’s similar to having background music constantly playing. However, the sound of barking can rise drastically to around 110 decibels, which is the same as a Turbo-fan aircraft at takeoff, but unlike an aircraft, the dog doesn’t fly away.

According to “Sounds above 90 dB can lead to chronic hearing damage if people are exposed to them every day or all the time. Hearing becomes uncomfortable if the sound pressure level is above 110 decibels.”

Bark (sound)
frequency, and often repeats rapidly in succession. Dog barking is distinct from wolf barking. Wolf barks represent only 2.4% of all wolf vocalizations, in

In this article, we discuss how to a get a neighbors dog to stop barking and explore different ways to get a dog that is not even yours to stop barking.

There are few things more irritating and frustrating than having to listen to a neighbors dog barking non-stop. It can disturb sleep, make you stressed, and just plain ruin your family’s day. The situation can seem so beyond your control that it can even affect your health.

This situation can be even more intense for some people if their neighbor has more than one nuisance barker. 

how to get neighbors dog to stop barking - dog barking nonstop against fence

According to Katherine A. Houpt, V.M.D., PhD, the director of Cornell Animal Behavior Clinic. “Nuisance, inappropriate, or excessive barking comprises between 13 and 35 percent of behavior-problem complaints by dog owners”.

Here are a couple of easy things you can try right now to resolve the problem.

How to complain about a barking neighbors dog

In person

If your neighbors dog won’t stop barking, the first thing you can try is to approach your neighbor. Diplomatically explain how the constant noise has become a problem.

A good neighbor will be embarrassed that their little hairball has caused so much trouble. They’ll apologize and then set about resolving the issue.

As we all know, life isn’t quite so convenient. It’s not so much how to get a neighbors dog to stop barking; it’s more like how to convince them their dog is a nuisance in the first place. It’s more likely that your neighbor will be deeply offended. They may even be angry at you, for being so unneighborly as to accuse their fluffy little baby of being loud and annoying.

how to get A neighbors dog to stop barking By Letter

Not all neighbors are easy to approach, and some can be downright scary. So, a letter to neighbors about barking dog noise might be a better option. This way you can explain the problem in a calm clear manner without a heated confrontation.

Download this sample letter to neighbors about barking dog

This can go one of two ways, they read your letter and take on-board everything you’ve said. Feel horrified that their dog caused so much trouble, then take action at dealing with the problem.


You can look forward to weeks, months, or even years of frosty glares, and being publically snubbed by your neighbor. And STILL, your neighbors dog won’t shut up!

The Law Regarding a Neighbors Dog Barking

How to get a neighbors dog to stop barking can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, many States have a Noise Bylaw, they’re all slightly different so it’s worth approaching your local council to find out what your legal rights are.  Some councils have specific laws about nuisance dogs, some carry fines while others can lead to a jail sentence if nothing is done to resolve the issue.

How to Get your Neighbours Dog To Stop Barking

If your nerves are shredded, and you’ve tried all other reasonable approaches to resolve the problem of your neighbors dog barking persistently, you might be considering going down the legal route.

How to get a neighbors dog to stop barking - dog barking in garden

Before you do, there is another option that you probably haven’t even considered. It’ll solve your problem without the need to talk to your neighbor, you won’t have to send letters or seek expensive legal advice. In fact, your neighbor need never know what you are doing!

Even better, this method is absolutely legal, and safe for the dog.

How to get a neighbors dog to stop barking?

Easy! Imagine if you had a magic remote-control device, and when you pressed a button, the dog instantly stopped barking.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, this is a very real piece of cutting-edge technology, and better still, it really works!

What is an Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device?

The question of how to get a neighbors dog to stop barking is easily answered with an anti dog barking device. These devices work on the principle of ultrasonic or sound waves that are past the range of what humans can hear.

Dogs have very sensitive hearing and can hear up to 50,000 Hz while humans can only hear up to 20,000 Hz. 

Only dogs can detect this sound and is completely silent to humans. 

Our Pick
Dog Silencer MAX - Stop Neighborhood Dogs from Barking | Ultimate Bark Control

End the noise with Dog Silencer® MAX! This powerful tool stops barking with harmless ultrasonic sound, reaching up to 300 feet. Easy to use, just one button press brings peace. Quiet your neighbor's dog effortlessly!

Mute That Mutt
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How Do Ultrasonic Anti Barking Devices Work?

These anti dog barking devices can detect a dog’s bark and when it does, it emits a high-frequency sound that is mildly irritating to dogs yet completely silent to humans. In a short period of time, dogs will associate this irritating sound with each time they bark which will naturally teach them to stop.

It is a safe and humane way to stop a neighbors dog from barking especially compared to shock collars and other cruel gadgets out there.

These devices were not designed to cause pain or harm a dog’s hearing in any way but rather to “annoy” them and will not stop them from barking out of instinct (e.g. barking at an intruder).

Ultrasonic devices typically have a 50 ft range. The Discreet Neighbor Pack Max can reach up to 300 ft and is the only one in the market that is powerful enough to reach your neighbor’s dog(s).

How Does The Remote Control Work?

Discreet Neighbor Pack Max will automatically emit a high-pitched sound within a range of 75 feet whenever it detects a bark. If the dog is out of this range, pressing the remote will activate the device and the dog will still hear the corrective sound up to 300 ft away.

If you have a dog, you can manually turn off the sensitivity in the speaker and use the remote as a training device and use it when your dog needs correcting like when jumping on the couch or if your dog is over 75 feet away.

how to get a neighbors dog to stop barking - a screenshot of three positive customer testimonials
how can i get a neighbors dog to stop barking
Dog barking device mounted to a wall on a house
dog barking device mounted to a house

Dog Silencer MAX is waterproof and is safe to leave outdoors.

Dog silencer in torrential rain, getting soaked and still working

An optional solar panel is available if you can’t be bothered with replacing batteries – simply set and forget.

how can i get a neighbors dog to stop barking
solar panel for the dog silencer

This product is awesome.

It is the most diplomatic, safe, and humane way to avoid conflict with your neighbors. If there’s one thing we don’t like, it’s the price.

A discount code is available on their website. If you want to save more,  you have three options:

stop a neighbors dog from barking – Dog Silencer Max

an image of Classic Bark Control Max

The Dog Silencer Max is similar to the Discreet Neighbor Pack except it doesn’t come with a free faceplate and wall mount brackets. It costs about $20 less. You can always order the faceplate and wall mount brackets later if you need them. It has the same 300 feet range.

Learn More

stop a neighbors dog from barking – Classic Dog Silencer

how to get a neighbors dog to stop barking

The Classic Dog Silencer costs considerably less than the Dog Silencer Max but also has a shorter range at 200 feet though this is still farther than the industry standard of 50 feet.

Learn More

stop a neighbors dog from barking – Bark Control Pro

how to get a neighbors dog to stop barking - an image of an ultrasonic Bark Control device

If you have a dog at home with barking issues, this will get the job done. 

Bark control pro is the least expensive but also has the least range. It can automatically detect and emit a high-frequency sound up to 50 feet but can travel up to 150 feet in a clear path. It is not recommended for dogs under 1 year old as their sense of hearing is still developing.

Learn More

stop your dog from barking – OnGuard

how can i get a neighbors dog to stop barking

Lastly, we included this product because we truly think it’s an amazing device worth mentioning for dog lovers (like us). It’s an Ultrasonic handheld device that you can take with you while going on walks.

While it may not be powerful enough to stop your neighbors dog barking, it does have a 50 ft range so you can train your dog on the go.

For added personal protection, this device is fitted with a built-in safety alarm. The safety alarm can be easily activated should you encounter something dangerous, such as a wild animal during your walks.

As an added bonus, this incredible device is also fitted with a powerful and useful flashlight. All this technology is somehow crammed into a small, easily portable device that you can keep in your bag or car. Amazing!

Learn More

Final Thoughts on how to get A neighbors dog to stop barking

A neighbors dog barking non-stop can feel particularly invasive. Your home is supposed to be the one place you can escape the outside world and have total control over your environment.

When you’re being tormented by a neighbors dog barking all night and day, it can be particularly stressful and harmful to your mental health and wellbeing.

You have options such as talking it out with your neighbor, sending them a letter, or even threatening them with legal action.

advert for dog silencer max

However, when it comes to solving a serious, but tricky issue like this, we do feel that using one of the Ultrasonic bark control devices is the easiest, most efficient way to deal with a problem like this.

It puts you back in control and gives you the power to stop your neighbors dog barking in a safe humane way, and reclaim your home for good.

Next time your neighbors dog won’t shut up, just press a button and silence him instantly.

Visit Website

10 percent off the dog silencer max code. use the code RFSAVE10DSM


All information in the article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice. Please ask your veterinarian’s advice if Ultrasonic Barking Devices are right for your dog.

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.

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  1. Good advice. For me my neighbor in the hot weather dog would literally be 8am-8pm. Other days 5 or 6 am. 3 dogs so one time all 3 at once. Different time only two. Some only one. Few times sitting on porch barking after a nice morning of running up and down barking sit and bark. Only one dog let in. Other two bark. Then another. Then last. Talk to in person and it’s not their dogs. They have a brown dog so small I think a custom leash had to be made. Its nonstop with that one. The other two only if a car comes by, leaves or wind or people walk by. I have seen the dogs out for hours but talk to them and it’s not their. Come on. Once woke up by them got dressed went over literally within 5 minutes of dogs coming back in. They are literally sitting inside barking as I try to talk to owner and its still not their dogs. Animal control doesn’t do anything. Talking is nadda.

  2. once again I must say a big thank you for putting up such an amazing article on how to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking, environment, where there seems to be a lot of dogs, can be really annoying when such dogs start barking around the neighborhood one could really be pissed off not knowing what to do. thanks for sharing these tips on what to do when faced with such situations…

    do have a great day ahead

    • Thanks, Diane. I’m sure the Bark Control Device will help your in-laws get some peace and quiet in the house


  3. Hi, thank you for discussing the ultrasonic bark control devices here. These are amazing products and worth their cost. I have had to live with the disturbing barking of a neighbour’s dogs some years back, but never had the opportunity of these devices. What a relief it would have been. I like the “OnGuard” device; it will be very useful to silence unnecessary barking from dogs I sometimes experience when I do some walking in my neighbourhood.

    • Yes, the OnGuard device is an amazing tool to have during walks, especially the alarm feature. Thanks for commenting. 

  4. I had no idea there were options out there that could help with a neighbors noisy dog. I’m really glad to know these are specifically designed to annoy the dog and not harm it. How long does it usually take for these devices to retrain the neighbor’s dog? Would you recommend turning off the device after the barking problem stops?

    • It takes about a week for dogs to learn that their barking is what causes the irritating sound and this naturally teaches them to stop. It is recommended to leave it on but you may turn it off if you feel the issue has been corrected

  5. Thanks to technology, using ultrasonic or sound waves is the best way to stop a neighbors Fog from barking, because you would avoid creating enmity with your neighbor, the most important aspect of this product is that that is past the range of what humans can hear. That means it won’t disturb the people living in the neighborhood.

    • Hi Ann,

      I hope all is well.

      The Dog Silencer MAX was designed to face directly at your neighbor. Therefore, if the device is facing away from your house, it should not affect your dog.

      There is also an available product that can be used indoors for your own dog if need be.

      The company offers a 90 day return policy if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction.

      I have attached a video to help you learn more.

      Thanks and have a great day!

  6. It is so interesting!

    I think this strategy is a perfect shortcut to stop the barking neighbor dog, without a must to testify in a court to obtain an animal service. The use of this ultrasonic anti-bark device is the solution, and the best on this option is that the sound waves are past the range of what humans can hear.

    I will take it!

  7. Great article!  I know this can be very frustrating for people but it’s very inconsiderate to let your dog bark.  There are many options to solve this problem so thanks for highlighting them here.  I hope this helps someone that is having this horrible problem.  I’m glad this is a humane solution as shock collars are a horrible idea. Thanks for sharing!! 

    • It is definitely a humane solution compared to shock collars. Thanks for commenting, Alyse

  8. Hello there! Such an amazing article you have got here.My Neighbor’s dog barks profusely. This article is helpful to meet my current requirement. with the information provided here I will be able to live peaceful with my neighbor as well as stop the  excessive barking.

    Thanks anxious canine for sharing this with me.

  9. Just simply researched how to get my neighbors rat terrier to stop barking non-stop… but I don’t want to be a bother and I didn’t even know devices like these existed!

    I know their dog is more than a year old and I don’t know… maybe one of these devices will help me sleep at night lol!

    I think I’ll try the Classic Dog Silencer since but $100 seems a bit much and maybe I skipped over a cheaper solution… but if it actually works I’ll absolutely get it.

    Are there any other cheaper options? But I also don’t want to waste money on one that doesn’t work.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you again, I feel enlightened hahaha didn’t even know these devices were a thing! 😀

    • Hi Colton, 

      There are many options that can be bought online. As with all things, you get what you pay for. Many brands are cheap for a reason. Thanks for commenting!


  10. Wow

    I didn’t even know something like this even existed.

    Have been putting up with neighbours barking dogs for an extended period now and this may help get rid of the irritating sound.T hey seem to bark for no reason at night time and it gets frustrating.

    Are these things legal though?

    Awesome information.


  11. It’s literally my first time hearing if this type of device but the way they work is rather spectacular because I have never seen anything like it before where I’d be able to stop listening to a digs bark and be able to handle it myself. Around here, there is a law that deals with issues if the type too but I feel it might cause some kind of enemity between neighbors so it is better to handle it personally.

  12. This is something i have always wanted to kmow, juat as u have said in your article, my neighbor’s dog use to bark for a few hours some times and it can get on my nervous, I was wondering if there’s anything I could do, as I was looking to find some information about it I found your website!

    I’m glad I found your article so now I know what I can do without the need to go to talk about this problem with my neighbor, after reading your article I know getting the bark control device will work perfect for me!

  13. This is one very annoying thing about living ins neighbourhood where your neighbours own a dog. This issue can be really frustrating any times but the act that you can give tips to handle the issue is very nice. I think that I need to give your tips a good trial. I am very happy to learn all this here. Nice post!

  14. Hi Sonny!

    I like your post, it has a good point of view, a lot of material, a lot to share with your readers. Very good.

    I used to have a neighbor, they were new to our building, they had a big dog leaving in their balcony, super small place for a big dog, the dog would bark all day and night, we were all tired of the noise but we would feel bad for the poor dog, imagine a big dog living in such a small balcony??

    I don’t know if I would buy a Dog silencer. Or maybe I would if my dog was very anxious lol.

    Great work Sonny!

    • Poor dog! I don’t understand some dog owners. Unfortunately, this is all too common. I think the dog was barking out of utter boredom. Big dogs need lots of space to roam around and they require lots of socializing.

      Thanks for the comment, Adriana!

  15. Hey Cathy! That is some of the most genius ways on how to stop a dog from barking, without making a lot of noise yourself on the process. And the good part is that, it can be very useful to my dog as well, as onGuard doesn’t sound to be harming, yet it can be a very good lesson to my friend with paws.

    I will go with onGuard to train my own dog but I will get DogSilencer MAX for my neighbours dog. Never thought there was a product that can solve such a problem with such an ease. Thank you for your information!


  16. What a thorough, thoughtful and informative site!  You have addressed everything from anxiety, behavior, foods good for dogs, as well as things that are poisonous and harmful for them.

    It is interesting also to learn what dogs like and don’t like where petting is concerned.  

    The section concerning the discreet way to handle unwanted barking is very helpful and informative.  

    The links to various items needed in training, feeding, and caring for one’s dog are attractive and convenient.

    Thanks for a great job!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing this article to know how to get the neighbors dog to stop barking.

    As you well said in your article, my neighbor’s dog use to bark for a few hours some times and it can get on my nervous, I was wondering if there’s anything I could do, as I was looking to find some information about it I found your website!

    I’m glad I found your article so now I know what I can do without the need to go to talk about this problem with my neighbor, after reading your article I know getting the bark control device will work perfect for me!

    I will order today and I’ll be happy to finally enjoy my time at home!

  18. We live in the farm area, so we don’t hear any dogs barking from the neighbors. But our sure dog barks a lot; it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, he keeps barking at the slightest noise. There is no reason for him to feel anxious as he sleeps in a cozy spot by my daughter’s bed. 

    I think I’m going to need to Ultrasonic Bark control device for my home, at least we will be able to get some sleep. Luckily we don’t have neighbors close by who will call on us. Thanks for pointing this out. 

  19. I’m convinced and actually considering a purchase of this new device called ultrasonic anti-bark device. Our place here has too many stray dogs and at night they make a lot of noise either when they spot an intruder dog or a person walking the street going home. So, you can imagine how irritating their noise is to us humans who want to have a sound sleep at night. If I get this device, my neighbors will surely thank me for this.

  20. Your article has a very nice presentation on how to stop a neighbor’s dog barking.Everywhere on the way, dogs from neighboring dogs make barking, which is very annoying.The only way to get rid of these annoying conditions is by ultrasonic bark control device which you mentioned in your article.

    Wherever I live, our neighbors have a foster dog that is always heard when someone comes and goes, it’s barking.Many times children are afraid of the sound of the dog barking.For which I am using an ultrasonic bark control device to get rid of it.

    In the end, this article’s all about helping anyone figure out if an ultrasonic dog bark control device is the right option their. Then, if you choose to get one, pointing you in the right direction toward the best bark control device for you.

  21. Wow!  A lovely product it is, Ultra Sonic Bark Control Device for getting our neighbors dog to stop barking, and  I really need it  because my neighbors dog is always disturbing the place with their barking all the time and I have always want to put an end to it long ago. Though there are ways  of ending their disturbance but this device is best and easiest option. Only pets hears  the device sound,  it detects dogs bark, emit  a high frequency sound that is mildly irritating to dogs and teach them to stop barking in a short time. Am sure of giving feedbacks on how it goes when I start using it. 

    Thanks for the article. 

  22. This is a big problem many people facing on a daily basis and because of this, there are problems and quarrels between neighbors. Trust me, I have come across neighbors who don’t talk to each other because of this dog barking issue.We have a dog in our home and to be honest it’s a very calm dog. If our dog is barking for sure there will be some valid reasons. Our neighbor has a dog it will bark even a bird flies lol and the worst part is it won’t stop barking.I am unaware of the animal noise bylaw and it’s an eye-opener for me. You not only discussed the problem but you provided with the solution as well. Dog Silencer is the best solution and I will share your article with my friends who are dog owners.

  23. Great content that is engaging and informative! Currently, I live in the country where my neighbors are quite a distance away from me, but this would have been a useful device for us to use at our last home in the suburbs. There, we had a neighbor who’s dog loved barking at anyone walking by, as well as any loud vehicle (which happened often). It would have been nice to know about this device then, for I believe it would have saved me many nights of disturbed sleep. 

    Thanks to you sharing this information and device, now many other people will have the ability to feel in control again about their sleep. 🙂

  24. This is so neat! I never knew devices like this existed, but I really wish I had before. There have been plenty of times where I wished I could have stopped a neighbor’s dog from barking, but didn’t have the resources. I am wondering if your neighbor can take any action against you should they find out you are using a device to silence their dog. Even if it isn’t hurting them, I wonder if they would still take offense. 

    • Hi Steve, on the flip side, your neighbors might actually be thankful. They themselves could be at their wit’s end.


  25. I did not know the made a device to teach dogs not to bark. I need to get one of these Ultrasonic devices for myself and family member. Every little noise my dog hears they wake me up barking and I am light sleeper making it difficult for me to go back to sleep after waking up from dogs barking. Thanks for sharing this information.

  26. Great site! I’m sure most people who live in suburbia have experienced annoying barking dogs at some point of time throughout their lives. I certainly do, and is still an ongoing problem.

    Love the content you provide, it’s very engaging. Especially at the beginning where you ask the question, because everyone can relate to this. 
    The layout and images all flow well together, that is great. The products you offer are exactly what people want. I also like the disclaimer you provide at the end of content. 

    Do you think your logo and title is a little small? Seems tucked up in left hand corner. Maybe this could be enlarged with title made bold. Other than that, what a great and informative website.

    Good luck for the future,


    • Thanks Pete, I really appreciate your positive comment! 😊😊

      Thanks for the feedback on my logo. I’ll see if I can adjust it


  27. I think most people have had to deal with this gnarly issue at one point in their lives. How to get a neighbor’s dog to stop barking is information most people can use (I know I can and that is why I just had to read this after seeing the title!). Generally, it is the people behind the dog that are also part of the problem.

    The ultrasonic anti-bark device sounds like a perfect solution for me. This is not something I had available in the past but I surely would have invested in one had it been available. Since often the human owning the dog sees no issue, the Discreet Neighbor Pack Max is perfect. They do not have to agree there is a problem.

    Most definitely a worthy investment in my opinion. The neighbor can think whatever they are doing is working, you have no confrontation to deal with, and no pain is caused to the dog, they just learn not to bark incessantly. All come out as winners! Great idea and product, I will get one just to have for the next annoying dog that the neighbor is sure to get one day! Thanks!

  28. Hi there,

    I am so grateful that I came across with this post. I must appreciate your effort in putting all the great information in a very well done written article. Good job!

    I am the owner of two  lovely dogs, but in my case, I am the “problem” and not my neighbors. All the time when somebody pass near the windows of my house, they start to bark like crazy. And that can be every 5 minutes. Awful! When I am at home, is not a problem. But when I am not, you can imagine.

    I was looking at the devices you provide, but I am not sure which one will be more properly in my situation. Can you recommend any in particular?

    Thank you for sharing. I will bookmark your website.😉

    • Hello Diana! I remember you – you’re the one with the amazing yoga website with great music! 😊

      Diane, before anything, try to close your windows. If you can’t close your windows, then block the area. If you can’t block the area, then you can try the least expensive yet effective product called Bark Control Pro. It’s the least expensive because you only need it indoors so you don’t need the expensive ones with extended range. Hope this helps.


  29. If only we would have had an ultrasonic bark control device at my last house!  Now, we never got the neighbors’ dogs to stop barking BUT, we DID get the neighbor to stop screaming and yelling at her own dogs at the top of her lungs!

    I’ll admit, I had an evil grin on when I read about this product.  I was half wishing it would work on humans!

    I came to find out that the aforementioned neighbor had many dogs in some cramped kennel!  They weren’t even allowed to roam the yard!  Long story short though, those dogs roam freely now and screamy mc screamerson was silenced.

    In my experience with my own dogs and years of animal rescue, in situations like this I would probably use ultrasonic bark control device instead of talking with the neighbor.  It’s not that I’m not a good diplomat it’s just that I’ve seen this situation time and time again.  If they haven’t done something about insane barking within 2 weeks to a month, they probably never will until forced to.

    • I totally agree and you are absolutely right – if they don’t do something within a month, they probably never will and just hope the dog miraculously stops barking. I also agree that there should be a human version of this! lol!


  30. Absolutely brilliant! We have bark collars on our dogs since we are sensitive to our neighbors and want to make sure we don’t bother them. One of our neighbors leave their dog outside all day long while they are at work and the separation anxiety ramps up while they are gone.  Apparently the dog tears up the inside of the house if they leave it indoors and they don’t have a garage since they converted that to a bedroom.  No good options from their perspective, this is the perfect solution.  Thanks for the great idea!

  31. This is the perfect solution to my problem here and I’m quite delighted I could see something like this online. I initially was laughing at myself while searching for this online until I actually saw the results and decided to check them out. This devise seems to be the resolution I would succumb to since it would help restore my quality of life to focus more on my work at home. Thanks so much for sharing this

  32. I am always so terrified of trying products that are mean’t to assist animals by using their strengths like their hearing and turning it into a tool for training.  But I think I am just a softy that way since I am the neighbour that would go over and give the dog some love if he was feeling anxious.  I am just wondering that a tool like this could be quite dangerous actually, dog’s use barking as a way of communicating, so if something was not right your dog would “tell” you about it.  How easily could this tool be used on dogs when an intruder wants to get into your premises?  Just to be honest, I would be concerned if my neighbour had a device to stop my dog from barking.

    • Hello Leigh,

      I appreciate your perspective. 

      These devices were not designed to cause harm to a dog’s hearing in any way but rather to “irritate” them which naturally teaches them to stop barking which is safe and humane.  An inhumane alternative would be to use shock collars. 

      I understand your concern because you are thinking based on emotions. You are a softy, as you said. It is better to approach it with non-linear thinking and by using logic. 

      A neighbor with a dog that barks incessantly doesn’t like it either and have probably tried other means. Did you know that excessive barking is one of the top reasons why a dog is sent to a shelter where they are likely to be euthanized? 

      If you have a dog that is a nuisance barker, would you rather your neighbor do “your job” for you or get a visit from animal control and risk getting sued?

  33. Yes I was looking for a way to stop my neighbour’s dog from barking. Recently a middle aged couple moved into our neighbourhood and their dog barks exactly when we go to bed at night. They had trained their dog to bark whenever any outsider came close to their gate. But it got into habit of barking frequently disturbing our sleep.

    The neighbours are in no mood to listen to us. This ultrasonic anti bark device may be the perfect solution for our problems. What if our neighbours found out the device in our house and start arguing with us?

    • Hello Srinivasan, you can always purchase a faceplate to camouflage it amongst the greenery around your house but I really don’t think you need to. 

      This device was not designed to harm a dog’s hearing but rather to “annoy” them and naturally teach them to stop barking. If you look at it from another perspective, your neighbor would probably be thankful instead of angry because they themselves don’t like to listen to incessant barking. 


  34. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. My neighbor gets a new dog, who often bark at night and wake me up. I thought the case may improve as the time goes. But there isn’t any improvement in three weeks now. I think about doing something about, but never take time to research for solution.

    Here comes your article, providing thoughtful solution to my situation. I like the idea of using ultrasonic anti bark devices. I just need to purchase this device and need not to discuss with my neighbor. Sometimes, such small thing may resulted in big mis-understanding. This may be the simple for me.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

  35. Hmm, i don’t have neighbors with dogs but in our country the are many homeless dogs (on every step, which is a big problem here but no one cares, anyway ) and every night they are barking and waking up everyone aroud. I like the idea of this divice if its safe for the dogs. I havw never heard for such a divice, so thank you for sharing this. 

  36. This is really genius.

    But not for my neighbor’s dog – for my boyfriend’s dog. He’s part poodle and VERY barky. They’ve tried training classes but it hasn’t helped. He didn’t like the idea of a bark collar that gives a shock. But this seems like a perfect solution – it just emits a noise that helps stop barking – I love that. 

    I am very happy to hear of some humane options because I’m at my wit’s end with the barking. 

    Just sent him the link – thanks!!!

  37. Wow! This is very helpful information. I have never heard about this device. We actually in the middle of neighbors who has dogs. We just try to ignore the barking but as you know you can only ignore for a moment. 

    Thank you very much for this. Doest this device has any side effects to humans?

  38. Wow! I never knew such a product exists!.

    Our neighborhood dog is doesn’t bark a lot but some times she does and it wakes me up in the middle of the night and its really annoying.

    I will recommend this to my neighbor and see if they will use it.

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