The Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

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The benefits of CBD oil for dogs is best illustrated by understanding what CBD is, and where it comes from. CBD oil is created by the extraction of CBD, or cannabinoids. There are 113 different variations of CBD contained within the Cannabis plant. When extracted, the CBD is mixed and diluted with a carrier oil such as Hempseed or Coconut oil.

We go into much more detail about the process in our article CBD For Dogs With Anxiety.

CBD is very safe to use. The main thing to remember is that the extracted CBD is not Psychoactive as it’s taken from Hemp and not Marijuana. Your dog can never get high from using it.

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs are huge, here’s some of the conditions it’s often used to treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Hyper Activity
  • Skin conditions
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Glaucoma

It’s worth noting that there can also be some mild side effects that can affect some dogs. For example, your dog may experience a drier mouth than usual, or he might feel a bit sleepy. Sleepiness can actually be an unexpected benefit if you need CBD oil for hyper dogs, or CBD oil for dogs with anxiety.


CBD oil is incredibly safe, and a very natural and popular way to treat these common conditions in dogs. In fact, most companies that produce natural medications and remedies also have their own brand of CBD Oil.

There are many CBD oil products are available to choose from. So how do you know which brand is best for your dog?

They do all work to some extent, like everything, some brands work better than others.

We have tried many different brands over the years to test out the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. While many of them are very good, one brand stands head and shoulders above the others.

That’s why we recommend King Kanine’s King Kalm’s range of CBD oils. Stick with us, while we explain how we came to this conclusion.

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It’s vitally important to everyone at Anxious Canine, that we only ever promote and support products that are safe, natural, and effective in helping dogs and owners manage dog anxiety.

King Kanine’s rigorous high standards are reflected in the manufacture of all CBD oils in their GMP Certified FDA facility. Every product is carefully tested by a trusted third-party lab to preserve purity strength and quality, and to ensure their CBD oil is certified organic and free from pesticides and solvents.

Let’s start by looking at some of the unique ingredients that are used in their CBD oil:

Krill OilKrill is a tiny shrimplike creature, and commonly found throughout the world’s oceans, and is widely considered a superfood of the sea.


Phytoplankton, a single-celled plant is what krill feed on. Krill, in turn, are a vital food source for a vast number of weird and wonderful sea creatures, ranging from fish to Humpback whales.

Humpback whale underwater

Krill are so plentiful that a single whale can consume up to 4 tons a day, and it doesn’t make a dent on the worlds Krill stocks.


  • Krill contains high levels of Omega 3. These little crustaceans are packed with EPA and DHA that are critical for brain health. They also promote healthy joints, are anti-inflammatory, and prevent depression and anxiety.
  • Krill contain Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring antioxidant not found in most fish oils. Astaxanthin also promotes eye, skin, joint, and liver health, as well as supporting cognitive function.
  • Astaxanthin acts as a natural preservative, keeping the krill incredibly fresh.
  • Krill contains Phospholipids that make it easily digestible. Phospholipids are widely regarded as the Molecule of Life, thanks to its dynamic structure.
  • The antioxidants in Krill oil are 48 times more powerful than fish oil in terms of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) values.
  • Krill, although remarkably free of toxins and pollutants is at the bottom of the ocean’s food chain.
  • Harvesting Krill is also incredibly sustainable as it is plentiful, with the largest biomass of any animal species on Earth, and can even be seen from space!

For such a tiny creature, the health benefits of Krill for your dog are quite miraculous and far-reaching, especially when used in conjunction with King Kanine’s unique and powerful CBD formula.

KingKalm 600mg with Copaiba and DHA can deliver relief for your dog, fast. This is King Kanine’s most popular product, and its unique and powerful recipe is used to tackle dog anxiety, general discomfort, inflammation, and many other dog-related conditions quickly, and efficiently.

King Kalm CBD oil

Hemp oil – Hemp is a species of Cannabis that is naturally low on THC.

Hemp is an incredibly useful plant. After the medicinal oil has been extracted from hemp, the fibrous plant material is processed and manufactured into many everyday products. Items such as rope, plastics, paper, soap, biofuels, beer, and food can all made from Hemp, as well as many more products too numerous to list.

canabis leaves

Hemp is one of the most nutritiously complete foods you can find and is rightly regarded as a superfood. This is because of its near-perfect balance of Omega 3 – Omega 6, Vitamin E, Iron, and all the essential amino acids your body needs. Find out more here.


  • CBD in Hemp can protect against Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • The CBD found in Hemp can stop cancer cells from growing and increase tumor cell death, this is important because almost half of all dogs over 10 years old will develop cancer.
  • CBD from Hemp oil has natural antibiotic properties.
  • CBD protects the Cardiovascular system and reduces blood pressure.
  • Hemp oil can help stop without the harmful side effects of medication.
  • For Omega 6 to Omega 3 (3:1) ratio of fatty acids, Hemp oil contains the perfect balance
  • Hemp can help reduce anxiety including symptoms of separation anxiety and noise phobias.
  • It can help with generalized pain including nerve pain and pain caused by inflammation.

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Yes, and the Third-Party Certificate of Analysis is available to view here

A third-party certificate of analysis is done by a company with no affiliation to the Cannabis producer. Therefore, the company has no incentive to alter the results.  A COA is very important because it proves that the product contains everything listed on the label.

Some products in the market contain too much THC, too little CBD, or none at all.

The COA also shows if the product contains any heavy metals, pesticides, pathogens, and mould.

One study found 70% of CBD oil they tested contained extremely high levels of Lead, Arsenic, Glyphosphates, BPA, and toxic mold. 

Watch this video to learn more

Never buy a CBD product without a Third-Party Certificate of Analysis!

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What is the correct dosage for CBD oil for dogs?

I’m sure you’re wondering how much CBD oil should I give my dog, and what dosage strength do I need?

King Kanine has made the tricky business of treating your dog a little easier, as King Kalm comes in a variety of different sizes for small, medium, and large dogs, and each has a different strength to reflect the size of dog you are treating.

To help with dosage, the box also includes an easy-to-follow dosage chart to reflect the size and weight of your dog.

Dosage chart for King Kalm 600mg. ii's yellow in colour.
Dosage chart for King Kalm 300mg. ii's green in colour.
Dosage chart for King Kalm 150mg. ii's orange in colour.
Dosage chart for King Kalm 75mg. ii's blue in colour.


It depends on which symptom you are treating but generally falls under the following:

  • Small sized pet 20 lbs & under – 75mg bottle (approximately 2.5mg / 1ML)
  • Medium sized pet 21lbs to 50 lbs – 150mg bottle (approximately 5mg / 1ML)
  • Large sized pet over 50 lbs – 300mg bottle (approximately 10mg / 1ML)


If you are wondering how to administer CBD oil to dogs, you will find an oral syringe included in the package. You can also add the CBD oil to your pet’s food but using a syringe is the best method.


This isn’t an exact science so we can’t give you a specific time as there are a few elements that play key roles in deciding how effective and fast the CBD is when given to your dog.

Size and breed are obvious factors, additionally, what you’re using it for and how its administered are also key.

If you’re giving CBD oil for dogs with anxiety, the rule of thumb is around 30-60 minutes for the calming effects to kick in.

CBD oil given directly to a dogs mouth or gums, also known as sublingual absorption will take on average 20-60 mins

CBD that is in their food and absorbed in the stomach, can take between 45-90 minutes. King Kanine also produces a range of treats that are perfect for getting CBD into your dog’s system using this method.


As we mentioned earlier, it’s not possible for your dog to get high on CBD oil. The key element in cannabis that will make you high is simply called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for those of us that struggle with ridiculously long scientific names.

dog behind canabis leaves

Hemp is naturally low in THC at 3%, and further diluted with a carrier oil. Such a tiny percentage won’t get you nor your dog high, but it does contribute to your dog feeling a bit calmer. Now, that can’t be a bad thing.


In every product, a dosing chart is included along with an oral syringe. Do make sure to consult your vet if you’re not certain about the correct amount to give your dog.


It is always wise to consult your vet before administering CBD oil when your dog is already taking other medication.


The benefits of CBD oil for dogs can be life-changing for your dog, and for you. As a responsible and concerned owner of an anxious dog, negotiating common situations that cause your furry friend’s anxiety to flare up can be difficult. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine you left your dog in his crate without him barking in a blind panic.

dog in a crate

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could just leap into your car excitedly, rather than cowering in the corner or getting aggressive with fear?

dog in the back of a car

A practical solution in the form of King Kalm CBD oil may be the solution you are looking for. King Kalm CBD oil promotes a calmer demeanor in your furry friend. It improves sleep, increases energy, enhances a shinier coat, and improves appetite.

King Kanine best in show image, showing all their products

Anxious Canine only recommends safe, natural products that provide effective relief for anxious dogs. This is why we highly recommend King Kanine and its unique range of King Kalm CBD oils and treats.

Don’t forget to bookmark us for later, we’ve got a wide range of material on all sorts of dog-related subjects. We update and post regularly so don’t be a stranger.

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.
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