Thundershirt for Dogs – Do They Really Work?

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Is your canine friend prone to anxiety? Triggers such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or loud music can affect your dog’s health and happiness. Luckily, a Thundershirt for dogs makes an excellent long-term solution.

Thundershirts are basically dog anxiety jackets or anxiety wraps. Millions of pets around the world are using them to stay calm and keeping anxiety at bay. Thundershirts are proven to be 80% effective in stressful situations. They work just like a swaddle to keep dogs feeling safe and comforted.

A Thundershirt is safe, easy to fit, and your dog will be able to wear it for extended periods of time.

Let’s look at the benefits of using a Thundershirt for dogs and the situations where they may become a necessity.


The Best Thundershirt for your dog

Thundershirt for dogs

When an anxious dog is confronted by loud noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or traffic horns, the strange and often loud sounds can be scary for a dog. This irrational fear that some dogs experience can lead to dog shaking, panting, destructive behavior, or the need to escape.

According to VCA, Thundershirts are vest-like garments that are scientifically designed to apply pressure to a dog’s torso. This induces a feeling of calm. The technique of applying pressure around the dog is based on the theory that swaddling or hugging a crying baby can produce a soothing effect.

Not all dogs suffer from anxiety. However, a high percentage of dogs can develop some sort of anxiety once in a lifetime. Dog anxiety is quite common and it can manifest in many different forms. When a dog experiences anxiety, it can be a debilitating and scary experience for both dog and owner.

This is when many people seek a solution to the problem. There are many ways to treat dog anxiety, and some solutions work better than others on different dogs. There is such a wide range of treatments that it can seem overwhelming. For lots of us, it’s a case of trial and error. Eventually, we do work out a method that is most effective for our dogs.

Many treat their furry best friend’s dog anxiety with medicines, or herbal remedies such as CBD oil, or hemp-infused treats. We recommend these methods too, but they can take time to take effect. Sometimes you just need a quick, simple, and effective solution to calm your dog.

This is why Thundershirts are proving to be so popular.

 Benefits of a Thundershirt for Dogs

As I’m sure you’re only too aware, dog anxiety can suddenly strike at any time, and in any place. It never flares up after you’ve conveniently dosed up your dog with herbal pills 20 mins ago. Dog anxiety always occurs just when you least expect it, and now you’re struggling with a panicky irrational fluff ball.

This is where your Thundershirt really comes into play.

It’s incredibly easy to put a Thundershirt on your dog. When you do, that constant reassuring hug will soothe and calm your dog almost instantly.

Beagle wearing a thundershirt

The Best Thundershirt for your dog

Here’s some examples of highly stressful situations where a Thundershirt for a dog can be especially effective:

  • Stormy weather, an obvious scenario for the use of Thundershirts, we know. However, thunderclaps and the constant pounding of the rain rattling the roof and windows are extremely scary for some dogs. They can also have a heightened sensitivity to barometric pressure and changes to the ozone. These changes in the atmosphere are especially noticeable to dogs in the aftermath of lightning strikes.
  • Dogs can feel distressed when visiting a vet for a check-up. This is especially true if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Dogs have great memories, and like us, they’re particularly fearful of repeating those bad experiences. Putting your dog in his Thundershirt even before you leave your house, will keep him emotionally calm during his visit.
  • Some dogs get incredibly excited at the thought of a ride in the car. For anxious dogs, however, it’s quite the reverse. The thought of being trapped in a loud rolling metal cage can make these dogs acutely anxious and uncooperative. Some nervous dogs can even be aggressive or so scared that they vomit. A warm hug from a Thundershirt can settle a dog’s nerves during your journey. Over time, your dog can even learn to enjoy rides in the car.
  • Celebrating with fireworks can be fun for us. The alien smells, loud bangs, booms, and whooshes can send your canine buddy into a frenzied state of terror. Before the fun even begins, get your dog into his handy Thundershirt. Now your dog can feel safe and comforted before the loud noises, strong smells and general chaos begins.
  •  If your dog is especially nervous and stressed, barking could become an issue. Is your dog keeping you and you’re less than understanding neighbors awake in the night? Is your fluffy backyard warrior barking at absolutely nothing… constantly? Your handy Thundershirt for dogs is an invaluable tool for this kind of situation. A Thundershirt will keep your dog feeling safe and calm enough to snooze away through the night. You might even get to sleep too, and your neighbors will certainly thank you.
  • Anxious dogs find comfort in the familiar, they love their family and they love their home. That comfort can be shattered when strangers blunder into your house. Suddenly, there’s nowhere to escape the very thing that’s freaking out your nervous dog. Luckily, your dog can feel safe and secure while wearing a Thundershirt. They might even feel confident enough to learn to enjoy being around new people. 
  • Your canine buddy loves your company, and they just want to be with you at all times. The downside is if your dog freaks out while you’re away at work for the day. It’s likely that the problem is down to separation anxiety. Try swaddling your furry best friend in his comforting Thundershirt for dogs before you leave the house. You’ll see what an amazing difference it makes.

Here’s a great video that illustrates the difference a Thundershirt can make in different scenarios:

How Long Can a Dog Wear a Thundershirt

Thundershirts can make a massive difference in your dog’s life. Nevertheless, you do need to acclimate your dog to wearing one first.

When you introduce your dog to a Thundershirt for the first time, leave it on for one to two hours. If your dog feels comfortable, you can leave it on for longer periods.

So how long can a dog wear a Thundershirt? That depends on the situation, Thundershirts are designed with dog-friendly materials, meaning they shouldn’t irritate or bother your dog. Although it is important to make sure that you buy the right size. Tips on measuring the size and selecting the correct anxiety jacket can be found here.

It’s also essential to monitor the anxiety level of your dog whilst in an anxious situation. If your dog seems calm after a good period of time, then it’s fine to remove the Thundershirt.  If the trigger problem persists and your dog’s anxiety level starts rising, do put it back on again.

Thundershirts can be worn for long periods of time, and it’s totally safe to sleep all night in one.


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Does the Thundershirt for Dogs Really Work?

Do Thundershirts work for dogs? For some dogs, the Thundershirt can start working almost immediately. For others, it may take some time to see visible signs of improvement.

There is good news!

A whopping 80% percent of people who use Thundershirts for dogs claim that it works like magic.

Thundershirts are specially designed to give dogs a secure feeling of being protected, it acts just like a “safety blanket”.

When worn correctly, Thundershirts apply the right amount of pressure along the dog’s back and its sides. This creates a feeling of comfort and gives your dog a sense of security. The sensation of wellbeing provided by the Thundershirt is scientifically proven to stimulate the release of chemicals called “endorphins”. Stroking a dog firmly also produces the same effect because it produces a similar pressure on the body.

Thundershirts work best if worn before the onset of a stressful situation. That’s why it’s important to try and anticipate situations that you know will upset your furry friend.


When you combine Thundershirts and dogs, it can turn a nerve shattering day into one of peaceful serenity.

Desperate owners seeking a solution to their dog’s irrational fears claim that getting a Thundershirt works. Not only has it changed their dog’s life but it’s also changed theirs as well.

The Thundershirt for dogs is a quick and simple device to put on your dog. The pressure it supplies to the key areas of your dog’s body can induce a sense of comfort quite rapidly.

There are no pills for your dog to ingest, so he doesn’t have to be drugged up to the eyeballs. Your furry best friend will still be their usual self, alert and yet comfortable with the normally angst-provoking situation.

We wholeheartedly recommend the best Thundershirt for dogs, and you can find them here for a very reasonable price:

orange thundershirt box
Dog wearing a thundershirt

The Best Thundershirt for your dog

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