Why Should I Get A Dog? 11 No-Nonsense Reasons To Get One

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Has your son or daughter been bugging you to get a dog? You may ask, “Why should I get a dog?” 

After all, owning one is a big commitment and a lot of work. And of course, there are costs implications.

This article will give you solid reasons why you cannot afford to not have a dog in your home. 

1. Dogs can Extend Your Lifespan

When your new furry friend joins the family, it’s inevitable that members of your family become more active and healthy with the sudden and necessary increase in exercise. Walking also happens to be one of the healthiest exercises you can do, and since it’s usually the Dad that ends up walking the dog long-term, it’s a great opportunity to work off that beer belly.

why should I get a dog

A study involving 3 million participants concluded that owning a dog reduced the risk of mortality by 24% and a 65% reduction in cardiovascular death thanks to those daily walks around the neighborhood. 

2. SHOULD I GET A DOG Better Health

Dog owners are less likely to develop Diabetes, Heart disease, and stroke compared to non-dog owners in a 12-year study. 

why should I get a dog

It also lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It may also help people suffering from Fibromyalgia

3. SHOULD I GET A DOG Better Mood

Spending quality time with your furry friend can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Playing with your pooch releases happy hormones such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin which also helps regulate mood, sleep, metabolism, memory, and appetite.

why should I get a dog

Petting a Dog Is Therapeutic. Just not on the head because they don’t like it. It lowers cortisol levels and makes us happy, calm, and expressive. 

4. Gain a Stronger Immune System

Children exposed to pets very early in life tend to develop stronger immune systems and have fewer cases of respiratory and ear infections, Atopic Dermatitis and Wheezing.  

why should I get a dog

They also require a shorter course of antibiotics. What’s more, children ages 6-17 have fewer cases of Anorexia, Bulimia and Anxiety Disorders. 

5. SHOULD I GET A DOG Weight Loss

A study concluded that you can lose 14 pounds a  year by walking your dog 20 minutes a day 5 times a week without any dietary changes. Regular walking prevents your pooch from developing separation anxiety. It also helps your pup maintain a healthy weight.

why should I get a dog

A 20-30 minute walk is enough to meet the American Heart Association’s minimum recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. 

6. Dogs Teach Empathy

Children that have pets learn the difference between right and wrong early in life and tend to develop empathy, compassion, responsibility, and respect which they tend to carry into adulthood. Empathy teaches moral intelligence.

why should I get a dog

Children who develop empathy have better social skills and are more popular with their peers. 

7. Dogs give Comfort To The Elderly

Dogs can help the elderly cope with the effects of Dementia such as depression, agitation and loneliness.

Why should I get a dog

Dogs also give the elderly a sense of purpose and the warmth of companionship. Clearly, everyone in the family, young and old can benefit from having a furry friend. 

8. SHOULD I GET A DOG Security

Dogs have natural guarding instincts. Most are also light sleepers. When you’re sleeping at night, it’s comforting to know that someone with a keen sense of hearing is half-awake.

why should I get a dog

However, some dogs are too friendly, like Golden Retrievers, making them bad guard dogs. 

9. Some Dogs Can Sniff Cancer

You may be by lucky enough to get a dog that can detect some cancers like Marian Cooper who’s Pug detected her Breast cancer. 

10. Dogs can Help You Stop Smoking

Getting a dog may be just what you need to quit the nasty habit. 28% of smokers who were informed of the dangers of what second hand smoke can do to their dogs considered quitting. 

11. Dogs can Reduce your Social Isolation

Walking the dog means meeting other dog owners in the neighborhood, and it won’t be long before you get to know almost all the dog owners in your neighborhood. Humans (and dogs) are social beings and social isolation can be detrimental to our health.

why should i get a dog

Social Isolation has been linked to Alzheimer’s, depression, heart disease,  a weakened immune system and many more. A quick chat with your fellow dog owner can do wonders for your health. 

So which breed are you getting?

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in the article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.

56 thoughts on “Why Should I Get A Dog? 11 No-Nonsense Reasons To Get One”

  1. Dogs certainly help with depression. When I feel down, cuddling with my dogs makes me feel better. Playing with them is so much fun and I always end up laughing. I read stories of how dogs could detect cancer. That’s amazing! They truly are special beings. 

    My dogs are the best guard dogs, not because I trained them for that, because I didn’t. I give them lots of love, and they look after their “mommy” 😉 I feel very safe with them. 

    All the reasons you listed are important amd relatable. The question should not be why you should get a dog, but why shouldn’t you? 🙂 They bring so much joy and love into our lives.

  2. When I was a child I wanted a dog so badly and my parents refused. I walked other people’s dogs and looked after dogs for people who were going away. I agree with your reasoning, there was just something in me that felt better when there was a dog around. So when I had children I made sure we always had dogs and as a result my children were never afraid of dogs (another benefit of having your own dog). Now we are older and don’t have a dog because we want to be free to travel when we want and we are both away most days at work. but I was thinking that as we move into retirement and we want more company it might be time to get another dog for company, affection and security. Dogs can really be a multi-faceted asset to have around the home and in the family. 

    • Hi Deb, I wish all my comments were like this. A comment that really adds value to the article. 

      Honestly, If I were you, I would get a dog the very same day that I retire for the same reasons you have. Affection, security and company. 

      Thank you!


  3. Thanks for the informative article!  I particularly loved the addition that owning a dog teaches empathy!  Of course, I’m more of a cat person and a lot of what you mentioned could be applied to any pet, of course.  There was a study about cat owners living longer too, some time ago.  Still, I think my favorite is that owning a dog helps teach children empathy.  I think that’s an important thing to teach.  SO important.  Some children are inherently empathetic but most need to be taught empathy and compassion by example or owning pets.  To be honest, owning pets might be the EASIEST way to teach empathy.  This world needs it now more than ever.  Thanks again!

    • You are correct, this applies to all pets that make us move around more. I also agree that empathy is extremely important for a child to develop. Thanks for commenting!


  4. Dogs are an amazing addition to any family or person (unless you are allergic to the fur.)  My wife and kids pestered me for to get a dog over the course of a couple of years and I always had reasons like time, maintenance, cost, etc…. But they just brought home a puppy one day without telling me, at first I was fairly annoyed.  I can tell you this puppy changed me for the better as a person.  The love of a dog knows no bounds and it has made me more emphatic in general.  It is one of the best things we have done as a family.

    • Robert, I have a similar experience. Everyone at home wanted a dog except me. And like you, it did change me for the better. Thanks for commenting!


  5. This a great tips of why to get a dog especially for kids who wants to get a dog and wants to convince their parents for one. These are legit reasons and can actually convince parents and others to get a dog. I have had a dog all my life growing and they are fun and playful beings. Which dogs do you believe are best for kids and lonely people?

  6. We had a dog too, namely a Doberman. He has been around for years and unfortunately, we had to put him to sleep. Also, I agree with everything you stated. Dogs are extremely sentient beings and our best friend. With your article, you made my day. Many times, when I felt lonely, he would make me company and cheer me up with his mumbling.

  7. There is no doubt and I agree that Dogs are a man’s best friend. Thanks a lot for the educational and informative article.

    We already have a dog in our home and I was amazed at the amazing benefits of having a dog. To be honest, I am not aware of many of the benefits you mentioned. For sure this article is going to be an eye-opener for many people. We have our 1-year-old baby and I am happy to know that having a dog will stronger immune systems and already they both (my son and our dog) are good friends.

    If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life. – Roger A. Caras

  8. I want a dog so bad and your article on gives me all the more reason. I’ve been suffering from loneliness and feel like I really need someone or an animal. Every time I see my dentist’s dog, I always become super happy. Personally, I would love a Samoyed dog even if people have been saying it’s a pain to clean up after. On that note, do you know of any good vacuums in case I get a dog?

  9. Theres no reason for not having a dog and  theres enough reasons for having one dog or two in your  house. Reasons are it helps in reducing mortality rate, helps aging people in depression and its effect, helps kids to know what’s right and what wrong even at their early age also help I strengthening their  immune systems. Help in  reducing weight  when you are walking  your dog and other reasons it also help in knowing people around you,  giving you social skills. So obviously everyone in the house will benefit from having a dog. 

    Thanks for the article. 

  10. These are such good reasons and I wanted to get a dog but my partner always says, they are going to be a huge responsibility. I always loved dogs and I think I’m still going ahead and adopting one because of the way things are going Ii might never get one!

  11. Awww, totally. Dogs are so good for mental health. And the loneliness thing…my kids spend have the week with their dad and it gets quiet around here! I don’t know how much I would like it if I didn’t have a furry friend to keep me company on the days when it’s just me here. 

    (The flip side to that is the TOTAL chaos that occurs when they are here, but it is what it is, lol.)

  12. I’ve never been a dog or animal person but I don’t doubt actually becoming more warm loving and affectionate if I raised a puppy. I’ve heard dogs are very loyal and lovable. They teach affection and also help with impaired vision and epilepsy.  Both of which I am familiar with. Except, I have white carpet!

  13. I love your site. We are big-time dog people, “dogs rule and cats droll” My 4legged daughter comes and hangs out all the time within my office. She has her place here and we are looking for the right chair to add to the office ( yard sale special). I looked over on your site a really the only thing that I wonder is that might make it a little more appealing is in the “most popular” down menu might be a little long. Maybe break it up into subcategories like top 10 /////. I think I would use three different submenus. Maybe add a youtube video showing a dog playing– going through training or a  police dogs in action  Something to make the visitors stay on the site a little longer. Awesome!!!!  Best Wishes and Good Luck  Chuck

  14. I can’t lie, just reading how calm dogs make you, made me calm.

    I miss having a puppy face around so very much sometimes.  I miss running and walking with them too!

    Unfortunately, circumstances *cough roommates CaT cough* don’t allow for an adopted dog right now but, in the not so distant future again, for sure!  

    Until then I take comfort in friends’ fur babies and articles like yours.

    When I was in college they would bring a bundle of puppies to campus during exam weeks.  I believe in this entire list from experience as well as the science to back it up.  Even thinking about petting and spending quality time with a dog relaxes me.

  15. I fully back you on these claims on what a dog can do for our health, and thank you for sharing some very legitimate reasons to have one. I recently lost my Corgi to degenerative myelopathy.  She was the love of my life and put a smile on my face every day for 12 1/2 years. I will get another dog in the future; I need to heal for a little while longer. I know a new pup won’t take my love for Calleigh away, but will hopefully fill the hole that’s in my heart right now. 

    • Hello Carrie, 

      I’m sorry to hear about Calleigh’s passing, bless her heart. 

      She’s gone back to dog heaven and happily running around the universe.

      I hope you heal soon.


  16. I currently have two dogs and I can certainly say that they really do help me manage my moods and anxiety attacks. The fact that they can sense when something is not right and they will stay by my side as long as needed, it’s just amazing. One of them is also a nightly companionship for my grandma whenever she’s watching tv or painting. 

  17. You listed excellent reasons to get a dog! Although I own a cat, I grew up with dogs and have had several as an adult. My Granny and several of her elderly friends owned dogs right up to the end of their (the human) lives. They found the comfort of a sympathetic and pettable loyal companion to be indispensable to their personal wellbeing. People with emotional problems who know how to be gentle with animals should definitely own at least one dog or cat. Great article. 🙂

    • Hello Cathy, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      You’re right, dogs can be indispensable to the elderly because it gives them a sense of purpose


  18. Dogs are super fun. We don’t have one right now, but I do love them. We allow people to bring dogs into work, which is my saving grace. It’s so fun to be working hard, and some tail waging creature pokes you to play. What fun. Dogs have a way of loving life and loving you. Thanks for the breakdown. 

  19. I really appreciate this article. Thank you so much for sharing this great article with us. I agree with you, having a dog at home improves health. I have a dog, the dog’s name is Tony.
     My father was suffering from blood pressure problems. He didn’t want to walk before but Tony wanted to walk outside every day. I’m busy at work so dad goes to walk with Tony every day. I have noticed that my father’s blood pressure problem is now under control. Now my father likes to walk with Tony a lot.
    There is a lot to be cared for in a dog, but I think dogs also benefit us a lot. Dogs keep us down with safety.
    Your post was very informative, I think anyone who isn’t interested in adopting a dog will also be interested in adopting a dog by reading this post.

  20. Thank you for a very compelling easy to read write up on the joy and benefit of having pets.

    I’ve always had pets, both dogs and cats and the last 4 years without my constant companions have been very lonely. I miss them all terribly and look forward to finally finding a pet friendly place to rent and be able to get a rescue pooch again.

    I really enjoyed the layout and easy to read no nonsense information provided with the very compelling  pictures to go with each idea.

  21. Thanks a lot for the review about the topic and for giving me opportunity to discuss over the topic. 

    Truly your post is educative which gave me a lot of knowledge why I need a dog. You have mentioned a lot of reason why people need dogs. They can be our good companion at any age. You have mentioned the importance of dog. 

    I have no dog. Actually I know the advantages of a dog. But I have no time to take care of it. Reading the article I have inspired a lot to get a dog. Soon I will buy a dog. Thanks again for the nice post.

  22. Well I never knew that having a dog could actually extend my life span. Is this medically or psychologically proven? I love dogs especially little puppies. I am thinking about owning one pretty soon. It’s just that I do not fancy them when they are fully grown. Maybe I can give it up, that is when my puppy is grown. They say I might or would get very attached to it but let’s see how it goes. I am inclined to believe the reasons on this article though. 

    • Hi. Do you mean to say, getting a puppy then abandoning it when it matures? How would you feel if someone adopted you as an infant then left you in a foster home when you turned 10?

  23. i Like how your article is so straightforward. Reasons why you should get a dog. Number one is really great, having a dog may extend your lifespan. Everybody wants to live forever so if you can give them 5 to 10 years more on their life then definitely they will like that. I also like how the fact that each of your points has a short paragraph ,a nice picture and it goes to the next point right away. Actually like as well you’re the right sidebar has all the products and the left or should I say the middle has all the content. So it’s kind of like you’re showing them something really nice to look at but subliminally on the right side, you’re also showing them something that they should buy. I really like that. I don’t know who it’s from but I think it’s from Gary V. If you know who he is, he said something like you should jab ,jab and punch. I’m not really sure if it’s him but. Somebody said that you should show somebody things and kind ofprod and then go for the sales pitch. So to me, the way that this is all set up is kind of a show something to people that’s nice, and the sales pitch On the right side if that makes any sense to you

  24. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. There are some people who still do not see any benefit in getting a dog. Some believe that it incurs more expensive and they are demanding. The points you gave here are just so real and there is more reason for us to get a dog

  25. I quite agree with you that staying and caring for dogs teaches empathy and compassion.  I do daily walk out with my dog, on an honest note, I do it just to help my dog walk around  but now I know that it is of more benefit to me myself, you made me see the advantage of helping me reduce heart disease, and other sickness like diabetes
    Thank you for this important information

  26. Wow, even though I didn’t want a dog, I almost feel excited to get one after reading your inspiring post. I love dogs and a grew up with German Shepherds in our household and my grandmother used to have Jack Russells. 

    So growing up surrounded with dogs I have some clear expectation of how it is like.  Even though it i have a lot of benefits as you describe, at the same time I don’t underestimate the huge commitment and also the expense to commit to a dog.

    Another thing I would really like to ensure before I would commit to a dog is having enough time to go for long walks etc. 

    I always say having a dog is like having another child, I am sure my daughter loves it and maybe when the time is right we will make that commitment. 

    The happy hormone who get releases when cuddling a dog is close to cuddling a newborn baby I reckon, both gives the ultimate feeling of happiness. 

    Thank you so much for this great overview, I enjoyed reading it and still feel excited to get a dog, but maybe just a little later. 

    Best wishes, Jude

    • Hello Jude, thanks for commenting. You are correct, you need to ensure you have enough time to spend with your dog before you get one. 


  27. The benefits attached to owning a dog is immense and only a few set of peoolem thoroughly know that. I love dogs and they are a great part of life. They help in so many areas just like you have listed out. Though, my own dog is a German shepherd but then, she is also very fun to be with and has ended up becoming my best friend. This is great to read on. Thanks for sharing

  28. Hi Sonny Chua, Many thanks for your research article on dogs.There are many negative ideas about dogs, but after reading your article, many will be born with positive thoughts. Your article presented a nice 11 points positive about dogs. Unless I read the article, I didn’t know many unknown things myself. Mental spirits are free from various diseases and dogs can not be compared to a trusted animal.Looking forward to such a beautiful article from you in the coming days

  29. Well, the only reason I never get a dog is that I’m scared they would cry when I leave him at home and go out to run errands. My family does seem very interested and I do like pets but the fear that I cannot stay with them all the time keeps me away from adopting a dog.

  30. I know a woman who is well into her 80s. She would walk her dog twice a day. She is healthy, strong and vibrant. Having a dog makes you think outside of yourself. It keeps your mind active and your body healthy.
    It is true that walking the dog helps you get to know your neighbors. You learn to recognize your neighbors but you will learn the name of their dog.

    • Thanks for commenting! It’s true that you get to know the names of other people’s dogs. I didn’t realize that until now! lol! 

  31. I love this article!  I have read a few articles about what to consider before getting a dog, but none that have outlined what the benefits are to humans, so this was a nice change.  I related to the entire article.  I grew up with a dog who I had for 23 years!  My oldest son had him around for a couple years of his life as well.  After a traumatic brain injury myself, having a dog for a companion so I wasn’t alone during the day was needed.  Walking him everyday helped me get back to normal function, and having a dog really helped teach my kids responsibility.  Great article!

  32. Thank you very much for sharing your article. That can be a nice way to convince my girlfriend to get one for us finally as well -;) Seriously, I think that everyone with a few emotional feelings would agree that having a dog is just a big advantage. I knew many of the reasons you mentioned in your post, what I did not know were a couple of new. Like that dog can help you stop smoking or that some can sniff cancer. Pretty awesome. I think that losing weight and being healthy are the biggest advantages also for big “no” doggers. Thanks again, hopefully my girlfriend will be convinced -;)

  33. These are really eleven great reasons why we should get a dog. I have had several dogs throughout my childhood, and I have lovely memories of them and our shared childhood. I agree with all your reasons, but my favorite is that dogs teach us empathy. I have seen this from my own example but also the example of many other dog owners.

    • Hello, I agree. Learning Empathy and compassion are very compelling reasons to get a dog if you have young children


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