Can Dogs Eat Sausage? The Benefits and Risks

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Dogs love sausages, but can dogs can eat sausage? It’s a question we dog owners often ponder. Especially as our furry friend darts from the kitchen, dragging a string of stolen sausages from his latest fridge raid.

If you are wondering if your dog can eat sausage or sausage meat, then this article is for you!

To help you make an informed decision about feeding your dog sausage, we will discuss the health benefits and potential risks.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog sausage?

Feeding your dog a good quality sausage can benefit them in many ways. A good quality sausage is rich in protein and has similar nutritional values as other high-quality meat.

dog about to eat a sausage

The best sausages often contain lean cuts from chicken and pork. They contain essential amino acids that are good for dogs’ health and help maintain a healthy weight.

However, try to avoid cheap sausages, these are very low in protein, and have excessive levels of salt, fat, and preservatives.

What are the risks of eating sausage for dogs?

Be aware that dogs eating sausages can cause potential risks, even from a good quality sausage. Although it can be a very tasty treat, there are still risks with giving dogs this kind of snack.

dog with a big sausage

The high amounts of salt in sausages can cause issues such as excessive thirst, urination, seizures, and other health problems. Try to avoid giving your dog too many salty foods in one sitting.

Some sausages contain high levels of fat and other unhealthy ingredients. If your dog eats large amounts of these problematic ingredients, serious health issues such as pancreatitis can occur.

Can dogs eat cooked sausages?

Yes! Dogs can eat cooked sausages as well as raw sausages. You can cook them according to your dog’s preference.

cooked pork sausages

Cooked sausages contain reduced salt and fat compared to uncooked sausage.

You should only feed sausages to your dog as an occasional treat and in small amounts.

Can you give dogs uncooked sausages?

Can dogs eat raw sausages? Uncooked sausages can provide the same nutritional benefits as cooked sausages and can be as tasty for them too! However, only give your dog a small portion of uncooked sausage, and then only occasionally.

uncooked pork sausages

Like with any other food, there are some safety concerns that are worth keeping in mind when feeding raw sausages to your dog.

Uncooked sausages, for instance, can contain harmful bacteria or parasites. E Coli and Salmonella can cause dogs to become very sick. Look out for symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, or fever.

Can dogs eat garlic sausage?

Garlic sausages are delicious for humans, but can dogs eat garlic sausage? It can be tempting to share your sausages with your furry best friend, but it’s important to avoid feeding garlic or onion-based products to your dog.

can dogs eat sausage - Garlic sausage

Garlic can lead to red blood cell damage in dogs which can cause anemia and other complications that can affect their health if eaten regularly.

Can dogs eat turkey sausage?

Turkey sausages are often considered healthier, but are turkey sausages okay for dogs?

can dogs eat sausage - Turkey sausages

The answer can depend on the type of turkey sausage that you are feeding your dog. Some varieties can contain high amounts of fat. Long-term, this can lead to pancreatitis if your dog eats large quantities too often.

Some types can be a nutritious option for your dog and can help them to maintain healthy body weight.

Remember that it’s important to read the label on the packaging to discover how much fat is in each sausage before feeding it to your pup. When feeding sausages to your dog, little and infrequent is the key to healthy portion control.

Can dogs have cocktail sausages?

What talking about dogs and cocktail sausages, the answer can depend on how big your dog is, and much your dog eats.

cocktail sausages

Cocktail sausages can contain high levels of fat and are often less nutritious than other dog treats. It’s incredibly important that you watch their portions.

Can dogs eat pork and leek sausages?

Pork and leek sausages can seem healthier because they contain a vegetable, but actually, they can be bad for your dog.

can dogs eat sausage - pork and leek sausages

These sausages can have a lot of fat, salt, and preservatives in them. Just like pork sausages, they can cause harmful effects on a dog’s health if they eat too much. It is important to know how many calories are safe for your canine friend before sharing a sausage with them.

Can dogs eat Vienna sausage?

It can be tempting to give your dog Vienna sausages because they can be a great source of protein, as well as vitamin B and iron.

can dogs eat sausage - Vienna sausages

Yet, it is best to avoid feeding your dog Vienna sausages if possible due to the high levels of sodium nitrite. A common preservative found in many processed types of meat that is highly toxic to dogs.

The sodium Nitrite contained in Vienna sausages can make dogs ill. In risky cases, it can even kill dogs.

If your dog sneakily eats some Vienna sausage, check how much they’ve eaten and keep a watchful eye on them.

Take your dog to your vet if they show signs of distress.

Can dogs Eat Italian sausage?

Italian sausages are lip-smackingly tempting for dogs, and contain vitamin B12, protein, and iron.

Italian sausage

Yet, they can also have high levels of fat, so it’s important to watch your dog if you’re considering feeding them Italian sausage. Keep an eye on your furry friend in case they have stomach problems from digesting the meat.

Avoid giving your dog spicy Italian sausage, as the spices can give dogs digestive problems. If your furry friend eats spicy sausage, be prepared to take them to the vet if in pain.

Can dogs Eat sausage patties?

Although sausage patties are a tasty treat for dogs, they can contain a lot of fat. As with sausages, you should avoid feeding your dog sausage patties due to their high levels of sodium nitrite.

Again, avoid sausage patties that contain spices. They can cause digestive issues for your hungry hound.

Nutritional Information for a Standard Pork Sausage


You can find a full nutritional information for sausages here

What happens if my dog eats sausages?

It all depends on the situation, if you give your dog a small amount of sausage once and a while, it can be fine.

can dogs eat sausage - dog eating a sausage

If you’ve overfed your dog sausages, there’s a good chance they may suffer stomach problems such as vomiting or diarrhea.

If your dog has a problematic digestive system, a regular intake of sausage meat can make it worse. In this situation, avoid feeding your dog sausage of any kind to prevent serious issues from happening.

If your dog eats a lot of sausages or sausage meat regularly, it can cause them to become obese. If your dogs’ diet includes too much protein this can also contribute to weight gain so avoid feeding sausages if possible.

Will sausage upset a dog’s stomach?

Again. this all depends on the situation. If your dog can eat sausage with no problems, it can be fine depending on the quality of the sausage and how much they’ve eaten, and how often.

If you give sausages to a dog with a challenging digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), it can make things worse. In cases like this, it’s a good idea to avoid giving sausages to your dog.

dog wit a sore belly - can dogs eat sausage

If you give your dog too much sausage it can have the same effect on their stomach as overfeeding them any other food.

Sometimes, dogs can get a bit of an upset stomach after eating sausages. This can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Take your dog to the vet if you notice any symptoms such as this occurring or for longer than usual.

Healthy alternatives to feeding your dog sausages.

Some great healthy alternatives to feeding sausages to dogs can include dark chicken meat, raw liver, or kidneys.

These healthy ingredients provide your dog with similar nutrients that they would get from eating a standard sausage. Now you get all the benefits of sausage without any of the health risks associated with it.

Can dogs eat sausage? Conclusion

Can dogs eat sausage? Yes, if you know your dog can handle it and it’s only occasionally and in small amounts.

lip smacking sausage

High-quality, lean sausages are rich in protein and contains a lot of nutritious vitamins and minerals.

That said, it’s best to avoid feeding sausages to your dog too often, this is because of the high levels of fat and sodium found within them.

This can lead to health problems such as digestive issues, obesity, and pancreatitis.

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarian's advice.
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