Homeopathy for Pica in Dogs: Stop Compulsive Eating

homeopathy for pica in dogs, showing a dog chewing on a plastic bottle indoors.

Homeopathy for pica in dogs offers a gentle approach to addressing their unusual eating habits, like consuming non-food items, like dirt or plastic. This method uses natural substances in small doses, aiming to restore balance and reduce the compulsion to eat harmful objects. It’s tailored to each dog’s specific needs, with the hope of improving … Read more

Dog Scared of Cats: Flipping the Feline Script

A dog scared of cats, cat sitting calmly in a well-furnished living room.

Seeing a dog scared of cats can flip our usual expectations on their head, especially since we often think of dogs as the more dominant animals. This fear could stem from not being familiar with cats or a negative past encounter. Observing a dog’s reaction around cats, such as barking or retreating, reveals their unease. … Read more

Dog Scared of Food Bowl: Chow Time Challenges

Dog cautiously approaching a bowl of food in a kitchen.

When a dog acts scared of their food bowl, it might leave you a little confused. Dogs love food, so why would they be afraid of the very thing that contains it? Such fear can be due to various reasons, like the sound of their tags hitting the bowl or its depth causing discomfort. Observing … Read more

Why Is My Dog Scared of Other Dogs? Sniffing Out Fear

Two scared dogs hesitantly moving through a misty park.

Have you been scratching your head and wondering, “Why is my dog scared of other dogs?” Seeing your dog display fear around other dogs can be concerning and confusing. You might wonder why your furry friend, normally so full of life and fun, suddenly becomes anxious, submissive, or even displays aggression when they’re around their … Read more

Dog Afraid of Water: From Puddle Phobia to Pool Party

A dog afraid of water is standing on the beach near the ocean.

Is your dog afraid of water? It can seem strange since many dogs love splashing around in lakes or pools. Finding the root cause of your dog’s anxiety is the first step to helping them overcome it. Maybe they’ve never had much exposure to water, or a past incident left them uneasy, or it might … Read more

Dog Scared of Wind: Blown Away by Fear?

A scared dog standing in the wind in the front garden, fur, grass and plants are being blown

When your dog seems nervous or unsettled, you might notice them reacting to things you wouldn’t expect, like the wind. Is your dog scared of the wind? This isn’t all that unusual. Many dogs experience anxiety, which can be triggered by a variety of things: loud noises, changes in the environment, or even the simple … Read more

Dog Scared of Thunder: Stormproof Your Pup

A scared dog is looking out of a window at a lightning storm over the city

Having a dog scared of thunder is a common challenge many owners face. When storms hit and thunder cracks, it’s not unusual to see your dog looking for a place to hide or showing signs of nervousness. This fear can stem from the loud and unpredictable nature of thunderstorms, which can be quite distressing for … Read more

CBD for Dog Anxiety: Effective Natural Relief Methods

A dog curious about a bottle of CBD.

CBD for dog anxiety is a choice many are exploring to help their pets deal with stress and anxiety. This approach is noted for its potential to soothe without the harsh side effects sometimes seen with other treatments. If your dog struggles with anxiety, looking into CBD might offer a supportive way to help them … Read more

My Dog Is Scared of Me But Not My Wife: Canine Cold Shoulder

A man and woman sitting on a couch with their dog.

It’s quite the head-scratcher when you realize, “my dog is scared of me but not my wife.” This situation is more common than you might think. Dogs are pretty sharp and can pick up on the smallest differences between people, whether it’s how we talk, move, or even spend our time with them. It’s interesting … Read more

Why Is My Dog Acting Scared and Shaking? – Trembling Truths

why is my dog acting scared and shaking - A dog shaking in a living room.

Are you asking yourself, “Why is my dog acting scared and shaking all the time?”, then maybe it’s time to do something about it. When your dog starts acting scared and shaking, you’re likely to notice other signs, such as cowering or hiding, possibly shivering as if they’re cold. There can be many reasons for … Read more

Why Is My Dog Scared of a Certain Person: Picky Pup Predicament

A woman is soothing a dog in a cozy living room.

Why is my dog scared of a certain person, it’s weird but dogs will occasionally have an irrashional fear of someone. Your furry friend may tense up, bark, or scramble away from that particular person. It’s puzzling, right? This strange behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has done something wrong. The reasons behind your … Read more

Dog Scared of Cars: Steering Clear of Fear

dog scared of cars - A car parked in a driveway with plants and a house, as a scared dog watches from afar.

Is your dog scared of cars? Whether it’s panic when they’re near a road or distress while riding in the car, this fear can make everyday activities stressful. Your dog’s fear may come from a lack of early exposure to car rides, or they might associate cars with unpleasant experiences, like trips to the vet. … Read more

Dog Afraid to Go Outside to Pee: Overcoming Your Pet’s Anxiety

A dog timidly eyeing a house.

Seeing your dog afraid to go outside to pee can be puzzling and a little concerning. Dogs may develop anxiety for various reasons, from negative experiences to environmental factors that they find intimidating. This sudden hesitation or refusal to step outside for their bathroom breaks isn’t just a stubborn quirk. It’s a sign that they’re … Read more

Best Dog Anxiety Training Techniques That Work

Dog Anxiety Training

Dog Anxiety Training is an incredibly important tool in tackling dog anxiety in all it’s forms. From separation anxiety to fear of loud noises, you will learn simple, effective training techniques to alleviate your dog’s anxiety and promote a calm, happy demeanor. In this article, we will delve into understanding the root causes of anxiety … Read more

Homeopathy for Dogs Itchy Skin: Gentle Relief Options

homeopathy for dogs itchy skin - A pug dog sitting on the floor in front of a couch.

Have you ever seen your dog scratching non-stop and wondered about homeopathy for dogs itchy skin as a natural solution? It’s really tough to watch your furry buddy in discomfort, especially when itchy skin can come from stuff like allergies or annoying pests. Homeopathy steps in as a cool, nature-friendly way to help ease your … Read more

The Causes of Dog Anxiety: Genetics, Environment, and Experience

Canine Anxiety Causes

Canine anxiety causes are a complex condition to deal with, and can have a significant impact on a dog’s well-being and behavior. However, understanding what causes your dog to be anxious is vital for effective prevention and treatment. While the exact underlying factors are still not fully understood, research suggests that genetics, environment, and early … Read more

Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Natural Comforting Strategies

homeopathy for separation anxiety in dogs - A dog is sitting on a couch next to a pair of shoes.

Have you ever thought about trying homeopathy for separation anxiety in dogs, especially if your furry friend gets really anxious when you’re not around? Imagine this: you’re getting ready to leave the house, and your dog starts to look worried. They know you’re going out, and their tail stops wagging. Instead of reaching for the … Read more

Dog Pees When Scared: Signals of Stress

A dog lounging on a carpet in a cozy living room.

When your dog pees because they are scared, it’s a clear sign they’re feeling distress. Like people, dogs can show their emotions in various ways. When they’re frightened, their body may respond by eliminating, which is just a fancy term for peeing. This isn’t their fault, and it’s not because they want to make a … Read more

Does Dog Daycare Help with Separation Anxiety?

A dog sitting in front of a window.

Does dog daycare can help with separation anxiety? In this article, we delve into this pressing question, exploring the potential benefits of enrolling your furry friend in daycare. Discover how structured activities and socialization can positively impact their well-being. From understanding the causes of separation anxiety to selecting the right daycare facility, we provide the … Read more

Managing a Dog Anxiety Diet: Balancing Nutrition and Vitality

A dalmatian dog is licking his lips.

Did you know that diet can play a significant role in alleviating dog anxiety? Understanding and implementing the right nutritional approach helps your canine companion find relief from anxiety. In this article, we’ll explore the best diet for anxious dogs, how to manage dog anxiety through nutrition. We’ll show you how the right diet helps … Read more

Dog Spooked by Something Unseen: Mysterious Triggers

Dog Spooked by Something Unseen. Dalmatian is standing in a dark room, alert and uneasy.

Is your dog spooked by something unseen? Dogs have keen senses that are much more acute than ours, and they might react to sights, sounds, or smells that we’re completely unaware of. They might lunge toward an empty corner or freeze on the spot, with their attention fixed on something you can’t detect. This reaction … Read more

Dog Scared of Balloons: Popping the Fear!

A dog sitting in a room with balloons, looking nervous.

Is your dog scared of balloons? Encountering a dog that’s these inflatable decorations can be both puzzling and distressing. You might wonder why these colorful party staples cause your furry friend so much anxiety. In many cases, dogs are startled by the unpredictability of balloons – they float, bob, and can pop without warning. These … Read more

Is My Dog Protecting Me or Scared? – Courage or Cower

A man walking his dog on a path, wondering if his dog is protecting him or scared.

Have you been wondering, ‘Is my dog protecting me or scared?’ Understanding your dog’s behavior can sometimes be tricky. When your dog reacts to situations, especially new or stressful ones, you might wonder, is my dog protecting me or are they scared themself. Dog can react in seemingly odd ways, and it can be confusing … Read more

Puppy Is Scared of Everything: Little Pup, Big World

A scared puppy sitting on a wooden floor in a living room.

If your puppy is scared of everything, don’t worry, this is a typical phase that many young dogs go through. It’s actually quite common for many puppies to go through fear periods as they grow. During these times, they might be more cautious or fearful of new experiences. This part of puppy development is important … Read more

Dog Scared of Storms: Weathering the Woofs

dog scared of storms - A dog laying in a dog bed.

Is your dog scared of storms? If your furry friend cowers or whimpers when a storm rolls in, don’t worry, it’s normal. Many dogs experience anxiety during storms due to the loud noises and atmospheric pressure changes. What’s happening in your dog’s head during a thunderstorm is similar to when we feel anxious in certain … Read more

Dog Scared of Kids: Understanding and Managing Canine Anxiety

Dog scared of children - A dog is laying under a table in a backyard.

A dog scared of kids might surprise you, since we usually think of dogs and kids as the best of friends. But it happens. Kids are full of energy, move fast, and can be pretty loud—all things that can make a dog nervous. Plus, kids might not always know how to give dogs their space, … Read more

My dog is scared of everything all of a sudden: Panicky Pups

A dog sitting in a backyard.

There’s something unusual happening to your dog, and that’s when it hits you, my dog is scared of everything all of a sudden! Out of nowhere, your upbeat pup is cowering under the bed, refusing to come out for walks or playtime. Sounds stressful, right? When your dog acts scared out of the blue, it’s … Read more

Dog Scared of Rain: Puddle Pooch Panic

dog scared of rain - A man petting a dog in a hallway.

When your dog seems uneasy or outright scared of rain, you’re witnessing a common behavior in many pets. Dogs may fear rain for various reasons, such as its sound being unfamiliar and threatening or past negative experiences related to bad weather. Some dogs might associate rain with thunder and lightning, which can heighten their anxiety … Read more

Dog Smells Like Fish When Scared: Eau de Fear

A woman is petting a dog in a living room.

Have you ever noticed that your dog smells like fish when scared? When your dog gets frightened and suddenly gives off a fishy smell, you might be taken aback. Many dog owners notice this particular odor when their furry friend is frightened. This fishy odor can be traced back to a natural part of a … Read more

Dog Scared of The Vacuum Cleaner: Suck It Up, Pup!

Dog scared of the vacuum - A dog is standing next to a vacuum cleaner in a living room.

Is your dog scared of the vacuum cleaner? Many people have the same tricky issue with their furry friends when the vacuum cleaner enters the room. Learning about why your dog feels scared can help you help them. Dogs have a much sharper sense of hearing than we do, so the loud noise of a … Read more

Dog Afraid of Grass: Overcoming Your Pet’s Unique Phobia

A german shepherd dog is standing on a wooden deck too anxious to go on the grass

Is your dog afraid of grass? If you notice your furry friend steering clear of grass during walks or playtime, they might actually be scared of it. It sounds unusual, but just like us, dogs can be scared of all sorts of unusual things, even grass! While it may seem odd that a dog is … Read more

Hemp Oil for Dogs Anxiety: Effective Natural Relief

A black and white photo of a dog next to a bottle of Hemp oil for dogs anxiety.

Hemp Oil for Dogs Anxiety is not just a trend; it’s a natural solution that is becoming a preferred choice for pet owners that are seeking a gentler approach to managing their furry friends’ anxiety. In a world where the wellness of our pets is as important as our own, it’s essential to explore safe … Read more

Anxiety in Dogs – The ultimate guide to Dog Anxiety

Dogs experience anxiety just like we do, and for a whole variety of reasons, some of which might come as a surprise to new dog owners.  It doesn’t matter if you have a young puppy or an aging senior, as anxiety affects any dog at any age.  It can be easy to miss if you’re … Read more

Dog Suddenly Afraid of the Kitchen? Here’s Why

dog suddenly afraid of the kitchen - small dog with white background

Has your dog suddenly become afraid of the kitchen? Pet owners everywhere face this odd behavior every day. In this article, we’ll be exploring the following factors that could be turning your kitchen into a no-go zone for your pet. Negative experiences, environment changes, or loud noises in the kitchen can scare dogs. They might … Read more

How To Approach A Scared Dog And Help Them

how to approach a scared dog

This is how to approach a scared dog – Understand fear signs to mindfully approach a scared dog. Maintain distance, stay low, and avoid direct eye contact. Adopt a sideways body posture, speak softly, and offer treats. When the dog accepts, withdraw. Let the dog come to you when they feel relaxed. Dogs can feel … Read more

why is my dog scared of flies – Buzz to Panic

dog scared of flies

Is your furry friend trembling, hiding, or frantically darting away at the sight of a fly? You’re not alone in wondering,”Why is my dog scared of flies?” Dogs, with their acute senses, perceive flies as threats, magnifying their buzz and detecting their odours. Fear of erratic movements, past negative experiences with insects, and certain genetic … Read more

Is Your dog scared of water bowl? Unlock Their Confidence!

dog scared of water bowl

When it comes to dog behavior, one peculiar fear that some canines experience is being scared of their water bowl. Dogs, known for their loyalty, companionship, and often quirky behaviors, can exhibit genuine fear towards this seemingly innocent object. Yes, you read it correctly: some dogs truly fear their water bowl. The most effective way … Read more

Dog Afraid of A Doorway? Tips For A Fear-Free Home

dog afraid of doorway - dog lying down outside the doorway

Is your dog afraid of a doorway? If you’ve ever witnessed your dog freeze or retreat at the sight of a doorway, you understand the frustration and concern that can arise. This fear can limit your dog’s freedom and pose challenges in everyday situations. Dogs who are afraid of doorways may avoid certain areas of … Read more

Dog Scared of Ceiling Fan? End the Fear Cycle

Dog peeking out from under a blanket on a bed, with a ceiling fan overhead.

Is your dog scared of a ceiling fan? Do you ever wonder what goes through your dog’s mind when they encounter something that sends shivers down their spine? Not to worry, here’s a quick guide to calm your pup: Signs of Fear: Calming Techniques: Fighting the Fear: If you want to know more, read on, … Read more

Is Your Dog Scared of Roomba? Beating Canine Robophobia

dog scared of roomba, anxious dog

Is your dog scared of the Roomba? Have you ever wondered why this happens? That innocent robotic vacuum cleaner gliding across the floor can transform into a source of immense fear for our canine companions. Dogs impress us with their keen senses, but their fear of a simple device like the Roomba can be baffling. … Read more

Deaf Dog Anxiety: Easing Silent Stress

deaf dog anxiety - dog tilting his head

Deaf dog anxiety is a topic that doesn’t receive enough attention in the dog-loving community. It’s not because people don’t care, but rather it’s because they don’t understand the impact it has on the dogs and their owners. Deafness is already a challenging issue as it affects communication between dogs and their human packs. But … Read more

What To Do When Your Dog is Anxious with Visitors

dog anxious with visitors, dog sat on welcome mat

It’s a familiar story for many dog owners. You’ve got a happy-go-lucky pooch who loves to play, cuddle and spend time with you. However, as soon as someone comes over to visit, your dog becomes anxious and seemingly out of sorts. They may bark incessantly, pace around the room or even hide under furniture. This … Read more

Pug-nacious Partings: How to Soothe Pug Separation Anxiety

pug separation anxiety

In the bustling world we live in, it’s common for dog owners to experience challenges, especially when we need to leave our pets’ home alone. As the proud owner of Waffle, our mischievous white adult pug, I understand only too well the difficulties that can arise when our short-nosed companions develop anxiety, particularly separation anxiety.  … Read more

Whippet Separation Anxiety: Stopping Anxious Dog Breed Stress When Left Alone

Whippet Separation Anxiety

When your Whippet feels the pangs of separation anxiety, it can feel like their world is crumbling as they’re parted from their favorite person. Whippet separation anxiety can lead to a whirlwind of emotions and troublesome behaviors that make life challenging for both dog and owner. This anxiety arises when Whippets experience intense stress from … Read more

Can Dogs Have PTSD? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in dogs revealed

Can Dogs Have PTSD

Can Dogs have PTSD? As devoted pet owners, we often find ourselves grappling with the difficulties that dog anxiety brings. A particular issue that can be difficult to deal with is post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. This terrible condition is typically considered a problem that only people deal with. PTSD is a mental … Read more

Treating Social Anxiety in Dogs and Decoding Their Jitters

social anxiety in dogs - dog looking out of a rain soaked window

Dog owners sometimes face unexpected challenges when their canine companions exhibit social anxiety in dogs.  This unfortunate condition presents itself when dogs feel scared or uneasy around meeting new people, animals, or environments. In this information-packed article, we’ll closely examine the reasons and symptoms of social anxiety in dogs and explore some practical techniques for … Read more

Senior Dog Anxiety: Conquering Behavior Problems in Older dogs

Senior Dog Anxiety

Is your dog acting a little funny in their old age? Perhaps they’re a little more clingy than usual, or they’ve started getting anxious when you leave them alone. This could be a sign of senior dog anxiety! This is a disorder that affects many older canines, resulting in difficulties that can be distressing for … Read more

Shaking in Their Paws: Unveiling the Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Anxiety in dogs, especially prevalent in the most anxious dog breeds, is a common yet frequently disregarded issue, posing countless challenges for pet owners. Dogs, being our loyal companions, experience emotions akin to ours, and anxiety can appear through a wide array of mannerisms. These odd behaviors not only affect the quality of life for … Read more

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs – How to Know if Your Dog is Anxious

Signs of Dog Anxiety, dog lying in the grass

Dogs are an integral part of the family, and we all appreciate the special bond we develop with our canine companions. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to recognise the signs of anxiety in dogs. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to identify when our dogs are scared and anxious, as they can’t … Read more

Noise Anxiety in Dogs, Dealing with Noise Phobia

noise anxiety in dogs

As caring, responsible pet owners, we always do our best to provide our furry friends with the best possible care. One of the most overlooked aspects of a dog’s well-being is their mental and emotional health, particularly regarding noise anxiety in dogs.  Noise anxiety is a form of anxiety in dogs that is an unbelievably … Read more

Dog Anxiety Solutions, Ways to Calm Anxious Dogs… Fast!

Boarder Collie lying down on the grass - Dog Anxiety Solutions

Dog anxiety is a common issue that significantly affects the overall health and well-being of our furry friends; this is where dog anxiety solutions can provide much-needed assistance. This debilitating condition can manifest in many ways, from mild panting and trembling to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture, not to mention incessant barking.   While it’s … Read more

Flying With An Anxious Dog – What To Know Before You Go

Dog with a ticket in his mouth - Flying With An Anxious Dog

Flying with your canine companion can be a daunting prospect, even under the best of circumstances. But when you have an anxious dog that doesn’t like unfamiliar situations, it’s even more stressful for both of you. If you’ve never done it before, taking an anxious dog on a flight can present some unique challenges. This … Read more

Travel Anxiety in Dogs and Treating Dog Anxiety

Travel anxiety in dogs

Travel anxiety in dogs is a significant concern for pet owners planning to hit the road with their furry friends. Dog anxiety that manifests from travel can appear as anything from mild apprehension to full-blown panic attacks, depending on the severity of the situation they find themselves in. It’s not just limited to long trips … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Dachshunds – how to Calm your Dachshund

dachshund separation anxiety

Does your Dachshund experience separation anxiety? Maybe your little guy becomes destructive or excessively vocal when left alone, or perhaps they have separation-related accidents in the house. When your dachshund is showing signs of separation anxiety issues, it can be a very frustrating experience for both of you.  Many people believe that this is just … Read more

Why is My Dog Breathing Fast While sleeping? What You Need to Do

why is my dog breathing fast while sleeping - dog asleep on couch

It can be worrying and confusing, not to mention scary if your dog is panting really fast, especially when they’re sleeping.  It’s perfectly natural to be worried about your dog when something is affecting how they breathe. In most cases, there is no need to panic. Breathing fast while sleeping is often caused by something … Read more

DOGS NAILS – How to Cut them safely

Dog Nails - dog, head cocked with a yellow background

Most people cut their dogs nails at home, but it can be a nerve-racking task for many. Clipping your dogs nails is not as hard as some may believe; you just need to know the right tools and techniques to get the job done safely. The following article will guide you through how to cut … Read more

Best 6 natural Alternatives to Benadryl for dogs

Alternatives to Benadryl for Dogs - dog on a green background outside

Benadryl is a common medication used for calming anxious dogs. However, there are alternatives that can be just as effective and they do not involve chemicals or side effects. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 natural alternatives to Benadryl for dogs. Let’s face it, Benadryl is not the best choice for dogs with … Read more

Can Dogs Get Hiccups? Causes and ways to Stop it

CAN DOGS GET HICCUPS - dog with hiccups

Can dogs get hiccups? Yes, they can. Hiccupping in dogs is usually triggered by something that causes irritation to their diaphragm muscles. Dogs with hiccups may also have other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and refusing food. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about how a dog gets hiccups and what … Read more

What is a Dog Panic Attack? Signs and ways to help

dog panic attack - scared dog

A panic attack is a natural response to an overwhelming stimulus that causes many dogs to experience extreme fear. Symptoms include shaking, drooling, panting, and hiding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what they are, how they can be treated, and ways you can help your furry friend if he or she regularly suffers from a … Read more

Dog Anxiety Disorder – 15 Signs to Recognize

Stressed anxious dog in the woods

A dog anxiety disorder is probably the last thing you expected when you welcomed your new bundle of fluff into your life. Dog anxiety disorder can suddenly strike when you least expect it and at the most inconvenient times.  It may even come as a surprise that dogs can experience a mental condition like an anxiety disorder, but it’s … Read more

Why Does My Dog Nibble On Blankets

Why does my dog nibble on blankets

Why does my dog nibble on blankets? it’s not a common behavior, but it’s one you might have noticed in your furry friend. Like many other bizarre canine behaviors, blanket chewing or ‘sucking’ is more common in some breeds. Spaniels and Dobermans, Daschunds, Border Collies, and certain Terrier breeds are more likely to chew their bedding.  So, why does my … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Solutions

happy corgie with a big smile

Separation anxiety in dogs is probably the last thing we’re thinking of when we wake up in the morning. Especially when we’re bleary-eyed, hair fashionably vertical on one side, and with breath that could floor a Rhino. So, it’s actually a comfort to know that our loyal dogs are excited to see us. They hang … Read more

Depression in Dogs: The Owner’s Guide

black and white image of a depressed dog lying on the floor

Dogs are just as prone to depression as we are. We often forget to acknowledge that dogs are capable of experiencing such complex emotions. Depression in dogs is a real thing, they do experience it, and in some situations, more intensely than we do. That is why every owner should be aware of their dog’s … Read more

Sounds That Dogs Hate – Noise Phobia in Dogs

happy alert dog

Does your dog show signs of fear at certain noises? Or perhaps scared for seemingly no reason? If so, your beloved companion may be suffering from a noise phobia. Dogs have drastically more sensitive hearing than humans, and certain sounds that dogs hate may even trigger a fear reaction in them. This article will cover … Read more

Giving Dogs Benadryl, Is it Safe?

Giving dogs Benadryl - dog sedated on a couch

Is giving dogs Benadryl safe?  – Giving dogs Benadryl is safe as long as you use it carefully, and your dog doesn’t have a pre-existing medical condition. It’s also advisable to check with a vet before giving it to your furry best friend. Giving Dogs Benadryl  – What is it? You can usually find Benadryl … Read more

Can Dogs Sense Sadness in Their Owners?

can dogs sense sadness - dog comforting owner

They’re our best friends, our loyal companions, but just how much does your dog know about you? Can dogs sense sadness? Does your best friend know you better than you think? We are happy to say yes! There are various factors in which dogs can dogs sense sadness and emotion and even how they deal … Read more

Thundershirt for Dogs – Do They Really Work?

thundershirt for dogs - happy dog in front of a lake

Does your dog get anxious easily? Thundershirt for dogs is a practical solution that can change your pet’s life virtually overnight. But do Thundershirts work? Yes, Thundershirts exert gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, simulating a comforting hug. This approach soothes anxious dogs quickly and effectively, eliminating the need for medication. It’s a proven, … Read more

Anise for Dogs – Is it Dognip?

Anise for dogs - Dog calmly lying down on the garden lawn

Is there dognip? Everybody’s heard of Catnip, and the almost magical effect on cats. Anise for dogs is often rumored to produce similar results on our canine friends, but is it dognip?  The seeds obtained from the anise plant are the main ingredients used in the product anise. It has historically been used as herbal … Read more

Pica in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

dog lying on the grass and chewing a plastic bottle

Your dog’s naughty antics may make you laugh, but some behaviors are unusual enough to be an area of concern. It’s usual for dogs to shred, tear and chew household objects left around the house, but if they end up eating the stuff, it’s dog pica! Unfortunately, Pica in dogs is a condition that is … Read more

Chamomile for Dogs – Is it Safe?

White dog sitting in front of a tree between chamomile plants

Many people don’t realize the amazing benefits Chamomile for dogs contains. Chamomile is a surprisingly versatile plant that is both good for your dog’s health and mental wellbeing. Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. Throughout the ages, Chamomile has been used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and other ailments. It was obtained from the dried … Read more

Why Do Dogs Yawn? … and What It Really Means

tan coloured dog lying in the grass and yawning

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that many of us wish our dogs were able to talk. We could even argue that we already have deeper conversations with our furry friends than our partners. It may be surprising to know that dogs talk to us all the time, through body language. An important aspect … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass …and is it safe?

why do dogs eat grass - dog eating long grass

Have you started noticing your dog suddenly eating a lot of grass? Maybe this has become a major concern for you. Trust me, you are not the only one puzzled and concerned about this strange habit. So why do dogs eat grass? Your dog eats grass mainly because he feels the physical need or has … Read more

Catnip For Dogs – Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?

catnip for dogs - calm dog asleep

I’m sure you’ve been curious from time to time about Catnip and wondered what on earth it is. Catnip is a type of herb that belongs to the mint family, and pet owners throughout the world feed these amazing leaves to their cats for its health benefits. However, it’s because of the incredible relaxing properties … Read more

Dog Panting: Why They Do It And How to Fix It

Whenever our dogs do something new or act strangely, our pet parent senses start overloading. We tend to worry and worry until we solve what’s going on, even if it’s something seemingly harmless like a dog panting. If your dog constantly or intermittently pants day and night, we might wonder, “why is my dog panting … Read more

Destructive dogs – Stop them destroying your home

Destructive dogs - Rough collie destroys chair, rips the stuffing out of it and lies on top of it.

Being a dog owner can be an extremely rewarding experience, but sometimes that experience can come with its own unique set of difficulties. One of the most frustrating problems that pet parents face is destructive behavior. When this happens, our loveable furry face-washers unexpectedly transform into destructive dogs that chew everything. This happens for many … Read more

How to crate train a dog with anxiety

Having an anxious dog can make living with your dog a little more difficult. How difficult all depends on the severity of their anxiety and why they are anxious. However, training your dog to settle in a crate may help them stay safer and calmer when you are away. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

Socializing your Dog and Why you should do it

three dogs socializing and sniffing

In the United States, there are nearly 50 million households that have a dog. It’s estimated that most of those households have one or two dogs, with one being the norm. If you’re a one-dog household, it’s a very cost-effective option as bills can be kept down to a minimum. You’ll only need to buy … Read more

The Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Vet with healthy, happy golden retriever

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CBD OIL FOR DOGS? The benefits of CBD oil for dogs is best illustrated by understanding what CBD is, and where it comes from. CBD oil is created by the extraction of CBD, or cannabinoids. There are 113 different variations of CBD contained within the Cannabis plant. When extracted, the … Read more

How to Put a ThunderShirt on a Dog

close up of a rough collie

Learning how to put a Thundershirt on a dog is essential for any pet owner managing a dog with anxiety. It’s a simple yet effective process: you gently wrap your dog in the Thundershirt to create a soothing, hugging sensation. This guide will delve into the step-by-step procedure, making the task easy and stress-free. Keep … Read more

Dog Car Anxiety – How To Fix It

Are you trying your absolute best to cope with your dog’s intense fear of travel, but you just don’t know how to help cure dog car anxiety? Does it seem like every car ride, no matter how short, is incredibly stressful for you and your dog? How to Calm a Dog in the Car Why … Read more

How to Keep your Dog Calm on Halloween

A white dog is sitting in front of pumpkins.

  Fall, the season of crisp air and changing tree colors, is a beautiful experience full of family gatherings, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and for our dogs, loud noises and lots of anxiety. All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween, is a fun night for children (and some adults, if we’re being honest) to dress up like … Read more

15 Natural Calming Remedies For Dogs

how to calm a dog with anxiety - Calming Remedies For Dogs

There are many reasons why our pets get stressed, such as separation anxiety, illness, trips to the vet, thunderstorms, moving to a new residence, etc … the list can get really long and many of them are simply beyond our control, so read on as this post shows you some natural calming remedies for dogs.  … Read more

Top Dog Tips – What Every Dog Parent Should Know

Top Dog Tips - a dog looking up to the sky and smiling

Wouldn’t it be great if dogs came with an instruction manual? These are some top dog tips that every pet owner should know to help them understand their dogs better. 1. It Is Irrational To Get Mad At Your Dog It is understandable to be fuming mad when you come home to see your favorite … Read more

Is Your Dog Nervous? Homeopathy for Dogs with Anxiety

homeopathy and dogs with anxiety- a picture of a well behaved dog looking up. Sitting on grass

Dogs can experience anxiety for many reasons, such as changes in routine, loud noises, or being left alone. It can be really tough to manage, and it’s not always easy to find the right solution.  Fear in dogs can lead to all sorts of problems, including destructive behavior, excessive barking or whining, and even accidents in … Read more

Top 11 Dog Breeds Prone To Anxiety

dogs breeds prone to anxiety - a dog with a really sad looking face.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, it’s a really smart idea to do some research beforehand. It can save you a lot of trouble later on. This post will outline dog breeds prone to anxiety. Border Collie Border Collies are said to be one of the most intelligent dogs of all breeds. A Border … Read more

Calming Music for Dogs with Anxiety

music for dogs with anxiety

Multiple studies have proven that the tempo of music can affect our mood.  Can music have similar effects in dogs? This post will delve into the effects of calming music for dogs with anxiety.  Several doctors have studied different types of music and the effects it has on dogs. Dr. Kogan from the Colorado State … Read more

Ways to Stop a Dog from Barking

ways to stop a dog from barking

Barking is a dog’s way of expressing themselves at the most basic level.  Here we share ways to stop a dog from barking. It helps if we try to understand our dogs. Apart from barking, dogs also communicate through growling, whining, scents, and body language. The pitch of a dog’s bark is particularly important. Notice … Read more

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